NFL running guards on behalf of McCaverre, but why does Black Leopard still need to consider trading?

(文 / ESPN David Newton Compile / Slash) In the two weeks ago, the most interesting moment, one of the most interesting moments, the new head coach Matt – Lule stress, the team, running, Kristian-wheatCarrere’s remarks: No players are ”safe” in the peak of the trading, ”If I sell my son Bryant to bring the benefits, then I really will sell him.”Lule smiled and said this,” I just say that you have to have this mentality, especially as the early story of the coach. ”

Lule also said some ”almost impossible” players named, but this actually does not include Christian-McCaffrey, this 2017 No. 8 show name should not be ”almost impossible” Is there a list?

There are unclear reasons to explain why the black panther needs to continue McCaffrey contract, let him become one of the highest salary runs in NFL, or there is no one. When the status of Kam-Newton still swayed, McCarre has become the facade of the black panther. He is the third of the league history to contribute 1000+ ball number and 1000+ rush code player of.

His existence has greatly reduced the stress of four-point guard, and the best thing is that he is so young to do this, tired working attitude and effort, highlighting his durability as an running guard, don’t Forgotten he was only 23 years old. In addition to those who are unclear, there is a reason to explain the black panther why can I consider trading to McFrey: Potential value. How is this now?


The Black Panther has brought the second high player, which is the professional bowl attack and striker – Turner is traded to lightning, in exchange for the 31-year-old Zuo Square Rascan. Okang. In the short term, this is a big shuffle to the 2020 salary space. Although two players are at least a salary space of $ 13 million, Turner’s contract is still 2 years, and it is also necessary to renew after the fifth time to enter the professional bowl; then look at Okang’s Contract, will end this season.

Therefore, the salary space of the black panther can be remarkable in 2021, and if the Aokang leaves the team after the season, the black panther can even continue to pick a player in the election day to replace him. Now that the black panther is now, the most important initiative to enter the free market is nothing more than a draft. This year, there is only 7 election show, including total seventh bit. Transactions can also get a first-round sign or even more, or use it this year or in the future.

The first round sign can also be used to deal to get a quadrant, LSU Joe-Bolo or Alabama’s figure A-Tagavoya, although these two already have a team iron I have to take it away. If the black panther decides to start the knife in Newton, leave the latter, then some young players, and do this in the reconstruction period, it is not possible.

However, like 1989 denim Herchy-Walker’s draft show, use traded Run Guard to exchange 6 drafts to the date of the hand. Gil Brandt is a Cowboy’s Hall of Fame (1960-1988), he believes that the black panther is not possible to get more than 1 first roundabout through McCaverre.

Brant said: ”If you do such a transaction, you must be a for you, a sensation for a time. Because you have to pay attention to your fans. If you want to trader a day, you may enter the main name The player, but I don’t know what kind of thing you can use, you’d better want to do it again. ”

2. Wage space

The Black Panther is below the alliance average salary space level ($ 44,607,719), only $ 34 million, what should they do? Looking at Iqiger-Elliot at the cowboy, and Todd Galley received in the ram in 2018, McCarere may go to seek a long-term contract, join high salary The running guard camp. McCarre’s average annual salary in the rookie contract is $ 4.3 million, currently ranked 15th in NFL, this 23-year-old young guy has signed 2022.

On the annual salary, Elliott took a year of 6 years, an average annual salary of 15 million monk, Galley is 143.75 million US dollars in 4 years. Give an running guard, a top running guard like McCarre pays 15 million US dollars every season, which will bring huge pressure on the upper limit. The running guard is the shortest career in all positions (2.57 years), and investment running guards often do not have a long-lasting big harvest, which means that the big price will renew McCarre a risk. Because the team is currently not smashed on him yet.

Interestingly, running guards that get big price is usually playing without a good season. Elio rushed 100 yards in 2018, and it was played more than one game; Galley also played a game in the last season, but it is less than 2018. The 400 yards of the scorpion code, and the continuous combat with his chronic knee joint has also become the biggest risk and problem on him.

McCarre has participated in 93.2% of the offense last season, but also injured, but the number of offensive files participated in the past two seasons were more than every running guard in the league. Just when you put a lot of money into this position, the risk is always big.

3. Warning

No one wants McCarre to play Melwin, Gordon, Melvin, Los Angeles, Los Angeles. The former three games will not fight, in order to promote a new contract. . All this can only be said to be potential, McCaffre will not directly dismiss it to have a new fertilizer, who is not allowed, for a team with many new employees, new players, absolutely not Good thing.

If this all occurs, then Lule should not take him from the ”Safe List”.

4. Choosing pool

In 2020, in the election pool, running guards, the black panther can even use a two-wheeled or three rounds to take a running guard, use the lower price for 4 years, is a replacement of McCarre One of the programs to save money to the team.

Christian – McCarre is ”safe” no one knows whether this series will make the black panther’s idea of ??trading McCaffrey, we still have to wait and see.