NFL11 Summary: Emirates Big Pacing Tiger Cowboy Loss Elliott

On August 11th, Beijing time, the first round of the NFL continued, and there were three games in three games today. Mahmus is shocked, and the Kansas City is growing in Cincinnati; the Los Angeles ram is full, only 3 points are not enemy Auckland raids; 49 people in San Francisco are injured, and Dallas Cowbi. So what is the war condition in the first round of the season today? We together look!

Kansas City Chief 38-17 Cincinnati Tiger

Patrick Mahomes continued the hot feel in the 2018 season, he was in the first wave of attack, 4 pass 4 in the 46 yards, led the team to achieve a decline. The expression of the Emirates in the preseason proves that they are better than last year, and the new show will take over Merkel Hadman in the second quarter, using a few players who have eaten the tiger team. 17 yards of the ball reached the battle, he has exposed a good speed in the training camp.

Andy Dalton’s performance is not much better than Mahmson, and the 80 yards in 9 passes 7 are promoted, and the 14-speed offense leads the team to advance the 75 yard to get the Deta. Big external A.j. Green (A.j. Green) is missing, and two main running guards Joe Mixon and givani Bernard have not played.

Zac Taylor Coach Coach Dedication, we have come to some rejuvenated changes, but in the end they suffered fiasco in the game with the chief. Because the 115 yards were punished by 11 fouls, the team also had four mistakes, and the rookie running Weve Tellaie-Williams, the entire road surface was 12 times, and the 21 yards were promoted. paralysis.

Auckland raid 14-3 Los Angeles ram

The two quarter-free performances of the raids can be described as a heavenly difference, Mike Glenno thrown out twice in the comfortable pocket, once in the front area line. The ”Cashed King” Nathan Peterman was pushed 66 yards in Nathan Peterman. Therefore, even if Glenn 50 passed the 200 yards in 17, the current team is still more winning in the four-point guards of the team.

The pavement of the raid is also relatively smooth, a total of 6 players have a mushroom data, a total of 31 shots advanced 149 yards, the code is 4.8 yards.

Schan Mcvay is very clear about the idea of ??the preseason. Snow is all main force. In addition to the first year, the first year of defensive disappearance is expected to be the first year, SEBASTIAN JOSEPH-DAY is expected to be outside the MICAH KISER. The main player debut.

More excessive is that McDan’s important replacement players are also given a fake, including running Warcolm Brown and Torni Tony Hill. So when you see the ram of such a rotten score and data, there is no need to be strange.

San Francisco 49 people 17-9 Dallas Cowboy

San Francisco 49 people used a few main force, and their four-point Guii Mi-Galloolo was still underwound, and it was expected to be next week. Worse, 49 people have three players today hurt in the first quarter, respectively, Shin Coleman, Shon Coleman, Right Knee), running Weratahim – Moste (Raheem Mostert, Brain shock) defensive cut off DJ Jones (DJ Jones, knees).

The Nick Mullens and CJ Beathard shared the play time, including 105 yards in Murlen 17, send 1 to 1 to 1 copy; In 13, the 141 yard was promoted, and it was also copied by 1 to 1 time. In the Pisaard game, it was forced to end and it looked hurt.

Most of the winchs, including 4-point gardi-Prescott, only played a round, Prescott 4 passed the 23 yards, cooperated with strong ground, The denim promotes 65 yards, but unfortunately did not get up to get. Ezekiel Elliott is still in the ablation of the contract, the team examines several substitute players, but adds 18 shots to only 51 yards, the effect is very general.

Last season, the powerful player Brett Mach won 4 shot, but unfortunately he 4 shot 3, the farthest is 40 yards, missing a free kick. Cowboy is generally playing in the preseason, counted in the last season, and they have not gotten up in three consecutive presections.