NFL23日综述: Raiders Packers lore Falcons preseason 12-game losing streak

Beijing time on August 23, NFL2019-20 season into the third week of the preseason today, a total of six games to go to war. The third week of the preseason is all the teams brought as a new regular season ”dress rehearsal” with the game, most teams have come in a large number of the starting lineup, it has a strong reference value. Where the New York Giants win over the Cincinnati Bengals; Washington Redskins preseason victory over the Falcons gave the latter 12-game losing streak; Oakland Raiders Green Bay Packers lore before the whistle.

Well, today’s third round of the preseason fighting like? We together look!

Washington Redskins 19-7 Atlanta Falcons

Dwayne – Haskins (Dwayne Haskins) after playing the second half to lead the Redskins scored three times, including twice using the Falcon off the ball mistakes. The advance from first-round pick in the second half of Ohio State University 13 pass 774 yards, starting to play Keith – Keenan (Case Keenum) game state has gone up 14 pass 9 in advancing 101 yards, but he Section II captured and killed off the ball appeared to give the opponent a touchdowns.

Running back Darius – since Gass (Derrius Guice) since the 2018 season with a knee injury reimbursed rookie season, out of the 44 yards today. Currently Colt – McCoy (Colt McCoy) still sidelined with injuries, Redskins quarterback season was about Keenan. Redskins kicker Dustin – 4 Hopkins kick hit all distances up to 48 yards.

Falcons quarterback Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) played in the starting lineup in the first half, 14 pass 9 advancing 74 yards, he’s perfect performance in the first quarter, advancing 8 8 pass 60 yards. A few days before being laid off Patriots quarterback Danny – Aite Lin (Danny Etling) played the second half, advancing 2 6 pass 34 yards. Because he is not familiar with the tactics of the Falcons, which makes his performance a bit hard on the offensive end in the second half.

It is noteworthy that, ever since the Falcons beat the Jacksonville Jaguars September 1, 2016, suffered a preseason 12-game losing streak. Special teams mistakes time and continued the losing streak Falcon, rookie Marcus – Green (Marcus Green) and Ao Lami – Zhaqiao Si (Olamide Zaccheaus) appeared off the ball in the red zone this side, these two off all let the ball Redskins score. Kicker George – Tavi Qiao (Giorgio Tavecchio) last week missed a 42-yard free kick 2, today a record 39 yards free kick is still not in.

Cincinnati Bengals 25-23 New York Giants

For people concerned about the Giants quarterback in the body, Daniel – Jones (Daniel Jones) remarkable performance, which makes those questioned who temporarily closed his mouth. This evening, Jones threw a long pass 2 is to boost morale, 11 pass 9 in advance 141 yards, led the team to get a touchdown.

Running back Isaac Wan – Buckley (Saquon Barkley) truce, the giant which almost paralyzed the attack, rushed the ball only 26 times advancing 56 yards, two touchdowns but the Giants are relying on the road to get, Jonathan Han – Greece Germain (Jonathan Hilliman) and Rod – Smith (Rod Smith) one person. Manning first stage, pass 4 8 41 yards in advance, to get a team led touchdowns. Return man Leon Brittan – Gordon (Brittan Golden) to complete a record return touchdowns of 68 yards in the fourth quarter when the Tigers chasing points, very amazing.

Bengals only sold a total of 34,887 tickets, which is also less than the first preseason games last year, the Tigers last season, league attendance penultimate. – Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) today played three rounds, 10 pass 7 advanced 104 yards to get a touchdown. Andrea – Smith (Andre Smith) Alternative Cody – Glen (Cordy Glenn) played left tackle, and in the second quarter has moved to right tackle, but the Bengals pocket protection problems, sent a total of 5 record sack.

Oakland Raiders 22-21 Green Bay Packers

I wish Joe – Gruden (Jon Gruden), Mike – Mei Yueke (Mike Mayock) and his colleagues the best of luck, they can gain some good news in today’s game. Raiders continue to use the whole squad, the 24 main stay in Oakland. Interestingly, the game is in Canada, because there are security risks stadium, so to talk about 100 yards course shortened to 80 yards, and even the rules have changed, canceled the kickoff. With the end Daniel – Carson (Daniel Carson) before the final 33 yards free kick hit three seconds, Raiders win over the Packers.

The packaging works also taken into account safety issues, including the main four-point guards, Rogers, and the players in Aaron Jones. The game moved to Winnipeg, which saved them $ 500,000 in rent. This is the first time in Canada for the first time since Buffalo Birgo, Buffalo, December 2013.

Tim Boyle, Tim Boyle, 25 pass, pushed 191 yards, throwing Trevor Davis, a 23-size quadrature, giving Jack – Co Molo (Jake KumeOw) The 26 code is transmitted. Plus Tra Carson’s mushroom reachable, the package is once established 21-10 leading advantages in the first half. The raid people four-dimensional NATHAN peterman also passed the two reagent, and the 37-pass 23 pushed 210 yards.

Baltimore Crow 26-15 Philadelphia Eagle

The four-point guards such as Trecy McSorley have significant significance for Baltimore, because it is not the main four defense of each team like Lamar Jackson. Wash the ball. Jackson stopped, McColi 28 passed 19 mid-remedies advanced 203 yards, no mistakes sent two remembers, and completed a mushroom to reach it. External hand Michael Floyd 3 times, push 54 yards, get a reachable.

However, the pavement of the crow team is falling into, and 20 shots are only replaced by 40 yards. The two teams have been jointly trained before, so they have no main force for security.

The 40-year-old Josh McCown was re-debut after declaring retirement. His appearance lit scene, today McCaki played most of the time, 24 pass 17 promoted 172 yards to harvest 2 times . McCahn completed the 20-yard Raoli, Alex Ellis 9-ya, alex-Ellis.

Miami Dolphin 22-7 Jacksonville America Tiger

Josh Rosen is very good in the second half, which makes the four-dimensional battle of Miami dolphins more intense. Rosen 7 passed 59, and rushing out of 23 yards, including a three-speed conversion of 14 yards. Going more decisive, facing the pressure, there is a handling, of course, this is related to his arms of the Jaguger. Reverse is Ryan Fitzpatrick, he played 2 half-time on the court, 18 pass 12, 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 to 1, until the main force of the Jenan Tiger, there will be some play.

The Jiki Tiger, Nick Foles welcomes a vast show, 10 pass 6 in the 48 yards of 1 to 1 to 1 time being copied, running the Guardian special injury, today a lot of mushrooms but the effect generally.

The rookie defensive end of Yes Allen Allen completed 4 cockroaches, the first half of the manufacturing mistakes and two quarter-shot hits, saving the quarter-off guard, he is the upper half The field restricted Fitz Patrick, leading to the key reasons why the dolphins are less than 50 yards, the performance is more than a star rushing to Calais Campbell and Yannick NGAKOUE. Eye.

New England Patriot 10-3 Carolina Black Leopard

Braddy welcomed the presence of the season, and the 12-pass 8 pushed 75 yards. The most striking is Braddy’s footsteps. He took himself slowly in the speed of ”Madden”, saying that he was faster than the past, and today Bradi was clumsy with legs throw a 3 yard three-speed conversion. Due to this wonderful and conversion, it laid the back to the back, the whole wave offensive, Total Health James Develin 1 code ball reached.

This game Braddy did not take advantage of Josh Gordon, Julian Eldlman and Demaus Thomas, but he is still like Leading the patriotic efficient attacks as usual.

Jakobi Meyers, which was originally in the first two games, played today, and encountered difficulties in confrontation, did not ran out of the line you want. However, after Braddy, Meiyes pushed 74 yards. The patriot did not use Brradi’s Royal Rebatch Bryan Hoyer, using Galrett Stidham, I don’t know what I think.

A pile of the black panther team, this offensive front line released 3 kills in the first half, and then put it twice in the second half. The whole team promoted 29 yards in the first half, and the second half was promoted. Greg Little leaves in the fourth quarter and accepts the brain oscillating examination. Good news is the first round of Show Brian Burns (Brian Burns) got the third time in the season and the fourth time.

But the worst, Caman-Newton shoulder injury, and hurt the feet in a killing. How far is the black panther to go in the season, depending on Newton’s play, people are worried that his shoulders have suffered twice today, they can still support.