NFL25 daily expanded red leather VS Viking people four-point guards are victorious

Beijing time October 25th, 8:20, the 8th week of the NFL2018-19 season, will be launched in the US Bank Club in Minnesota. I won the three-game winning Viking team to sit on the home of the ”Mourner” Washington Red Leather Team.

Peter Sen

Single seasons 2097 yards, NFL history second, regular match MVP, this is the achievement of Adrian Peterson 2012 for the Minnesota Victoria. From 2007 to 2016, in 10 years, Peterson has three season scorpion code to lead the whole league, 2 season scorpion reached the number of column column column, the average scorpion 95.5 yards, 49 shock balls Super 100 yards are team history records; in 2007, the 296 yards in San Diego lightning single field were alliance records; 2418 times during Viking, the number of scorpion codes was 11747 yards, and the ball reached 97. All data are historical levels.

But the 2016 season, Peterson, who has been 31, encountered the right knee half-month-old board in the second week, although in 14 weeks, it is short-lived, but in the hearts of the Wikiki uniform, this 31-year-old old will not be in the team. In the future plan, Peterson’s Viking career ended. However, Peterson, after the injury, did not want to retire, and started the years of drifting in the league. After the last season turned to the Red Leather, 33-year-old Peterson glowed the new year in this way of running guards, and the 16th game was 251 times, and the 1042 yards were taken. There are also 208 yards in the end of the ball. This makes the 34-year-old Peter Sen, the position of the red skin main run.

This game is not the first time Peterson’s first face, the first week of the 2017 season, he represents the saints of the saints, and only 18 yards. Although the history of the past, the running guards of the Trustworthy, the maintenance of the old land, only the 48 yards, but this competition is very significant for Peterson. He only needs 38 yards to exceed Jerome Bettis, becoming the player of the historical rushing code, if he can accept 60 yards, can more than Tomlinson becomes the history 6.

And this is the first game in Viking people in the new indoor stadium in V. He can I find a stateful state in this unfamiliar coupon.

Karnam and Corson’s revenge war

It is also necessary to face the first quarter of the two teams of the old land. Red-skinned Siwukas Karnham (Case Keenum) has created Minnesota miracle in Viking; Kirk Cousins ??once received privileges The label is a hope of the red skin fans. Moreover, Kinamo’s career in Viking is ended by Corses.

After the end of the 2017-18 season, Viking was signed Cousins ??with a contract of 84 million in 3 years, and letting Kanam who made a not contributing to the team. Therefore, this game is a battle against the old land of the two teams. For Karnam, there is also a grievance of ”insert”.

Strict strength? I know!

Although this game has so many behind-the-scenes stories, for the two teams this season, this is probably a match lacking the suspense. The Red Leather season is 1 win and 6 losses, only in the champion with the dolphine team, and after the lag of the opening season offensive group, Viking core Corsins retrieved in the past 3 games. 75.6% of the pass success rate can get 325.3 yards, send 10 reachaes 1 copy, allowing the team to get 36 points, his average quarterfielding points are as high as 142.6.

But Cooks cousin 4 times a battle on Thursday night, full defeat! There are 11 mistakes!

In the end, the hard strength of Viking is more convincing or Cousins’s Thursday night game magic curse is more powerful? Let us walk!