NFL9 Day Summary: Braddy Radarers Winner Thousand Bell Return to the Story Completed

September 9th, Beijing time on September 9, the NFL 2019 season’s first week of regular season, today has 13 games, two overtime include a single game. Among them, Ramar Jackson is crashed 5 to help crow blood wash dolphins; the patriot is under Tom Braddy, and the Pittsburgh steel man; the male squad is unable to defeat the black Leopard; Detroit lion. So what is the battle of today? Let’s take a look!

New England Patriots 33-3 Pittsburgh Steel Man

The patriot has humiliated the steel man on Sunday, and now I have a salt to the steel person’s wound. After the first day of the front steel people, the defending champion was revealed in the show, even if she didn’t take the help of Brown’s anti-day capabilities, it can easily defeated you.

The 42-year-old Braddy performance is perfect, and the 36-pass 24 is promoted to 341 yards, and there is no mistake of harvesting 3 times. Entry-ended Philip-Dorstet, 4 times, push the 95 yards to get 2 remedy, play the ball Stephen Gostkowski, four free kicks and three additional points .

The goal of this game is completely in the control of the patriot, and the first half of the 20-0 zero-sealing steel man, the second half is put to the steel man’s only score. After the 3B combination is dissolved, the steel person’s offensive threat is greatly reduced, and James Conner is limited by the patriot, and Zhu Zhu SMITH-SCHUSTER is fell into the arms. After the situation, it is also close to the mute. The competition is near, and the big book ended this bad night with a copy of the tweezers.

Philadelphia Eagle 32-27 Washington Red Leather

The eagle is almost unveiled at the home court. The team is facing 13 points in the first half, and the second half is reversed. In the case where the quarter futures did not play, Carson Wentz has been on the first place in the first time since the 14th week of last year, and the 39-pass 28 pushed 313 yards to get 3 records. New Year’s Eve, DESEAN JACKSON, 8 times, pushed 154 yards, received a career personal in NFL’s 31st 50+ code, this is the second data in the history of the league, only celebrities External Hand Jieli Less’s 36 50+ code is more than him.

Case Keenum is not bright in the preseason, can throw 380 yards in the unveiled battle, 3 times, and have not been copied, in the middle half One level helped red skin set up 17-0 leading advantages. One of the 70 yards of the 70 yards found Terry McLaurin, which caused the Eagle’s home fans to the leadership of the leaders. However, the Eagle’s defense quickly stabilized after panic, and only a reach of the second half. A large reason for the red skin losing is that the road attack is only promoted by 28 yards, and the legendary running guard Adrian-Peterson has not debuted.

Buffalobier 17-16 New York Jet

In the third section of the competition, the Bill team also faced the backward situation of 0-16, but they took two more than two to complete the thrilling reversal in the fourth quarter. Both sides got two times, but in different, the jet kicks Kaare Vedvik missed the free kick of the 45 yard, eventually leading to the team. At the end of the competition, the Allen Brown completed the 38 yard pass to complete the last hit.

Josh Allen’s performance in the whole game, 37-pass 24, transfer 254 yards to complete 1 to 2 times, have been copied, but also rushing out of 38 yards to harvest a punch. The new support outside the Brown seven games pushed 123 yards, the number of codes reached 17.6 yards, got 1 to more. Old will run to Frank Gore 11 times a 20 yard just 20 yards.

The Bill’s second half opened the score account, and the spray machine just introduced from the Baltimore Crow CJ Mosley CJ Mosley was related to the hurt of the groin, and he completed the 17 yards in Allen in the game. Eutcoming to reach. The star run Guidian-Bell completed a ball in the first game on behalf of the new East, and also formed a 2-point conversion. This is his 322 days of the game. For the first time.

Minnesota Viking 28-12 Atlantan Falcon

It is also familiar to the beginning, Atlantian Falchet is not good for the 2019 season. Viking’s horrible defensive group completed 2 copy of the Falcon 4-point Swan, Ryan, and 4 killing lost 32 yards. Although Ryan’s game has thrown out of 304 yards and 2 remedies, this is a later speech, and the Viking is 28-0 in the top three.

It is worth mentioning that the Falcon Beginner has taken Hulio Jones, Julio Jones, who has got the first week of the first week of the league, which was reached this year (last year to open up Wilderness), the French team lost three ball rights, two two points of conversion were also all broken by the opponent.

Confused Viking team, this game uses road floats to ran down the falcon. Main Run Dalvin – Dalvin Cook 21 sho pushes 111 yards, but also achieved 2 reached arrays, a code 5.3 yards. The passage of Kirk Couns Cousins ??only serves auxiliary role, and the 98 yards in 10 pass 8 harvested 1 to 1 to more than 1 reach. The ball is better without a ball. Old will play the game – Beiler (Dan Baile ”hits 4 add points.

Baltimore Crow 59-10 Miami Dolphin

The competition only started 9 minutes, and the crow is 4 points to Malmar Jackson. The South Florida is unstoppable in the game, and the single 20-pass 17 promotes 324 yards. Remember to report the ball score of (158.3), helping the team to cut 41 points in the middle half of the game, and lost the suspense early. Jackson’s passage looks greatly in the tournament, while reducing the road surface rush, 5 times, more than 6 more than 6 more than 6 days in the season, and also chasing the history of the crow team .

The new show of the outer ”Hollywood” has advanced 147 yards in 4 batches in the game, and the 47 yards and 83 yards have been harvested. Among them, the 147 yards of the ball are the most advanced in the new show since 2003. In addition to this Mark Andrews, Mark Andrews has also completed 8 battles to advance 108 yards 1 to 1 to. The pavement of the crow is full of fire, and the audience has advanced 265 yards, the number of 5.8 yards, the shock + passed a total of more than 600 yards.

Dolphin This is a mess, full of unknown mistakes, the start of the beam Ryan Fitzpatrick Magic is no longer, Josh Rosen is just 3 pass attempts to send 1 Copy.

Kansas City Chief 40-26 Jacksonville America Tiger

Emirates Patrick – Patrick Mahomes looks like last year’s MVP season, 33 pass 25 promotes 378 yards to get 3 times; new aid running David Shaun – McKie MCCOY 10-year-old squash push 81 yards, it seems to be quite cost-effective; the biggest hero that is won by the chief is Sammy Watkins, which has been downtrend in recent years, but enters The 2019 season iron tree blossoms, 9th ball promoted 198 yards to harvest 3 records, so that he defended his Jalen Ramsey.

The American tiger may have to say goodbye, the main force introduced by the rest of the break is injured in the competition, and the diagnosis is a latch fracture after the game. At the season, he harvested a reach in the game only in the game.

Replacement Quarter Gardner – 25-Biography 22 Promoting 275 yards Remove 2 Dali 1 Caspatch. The chief is also injured, and Tyreek Hill is also injured in the clavicle position, so there is no fracture and is expected to absent 3-4 games.

Tennesi Titan 43-13 Cleveland Brown

Perhaps Titan team should trust the four-dimensional Marcus Mariota, Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus, Marcus Mariota, and Mario Tagou promoted 248 yards in 24 passes in the game. The new show, AJ BROWN, embarrassing the opposite star outside Odel – Beckham Jr., completed 3 balls to advance 100 yards, close-end Dragon Walker (Delanie Walker contributes 2 rendering.

Defensive end, Cameron Wake, won 2.5 times, Malcolm Butler completed 1 38 yards of CD attack.

Anti-view Cleveland Baker, the Baker Mayfield, the gray face, 38-passed 25, from the 38-pass 25, and sent 3 copies, and killed 5 lost 41 yards. The team was completely collapsed at the last section and was called 21-0 by Titan.

Los Angeles Roewool 30-27 Carolina Black Leopard

The ram is running to Dauod-Galley, but when the ram is in the last section, he needs him to stand up. The professional bowl rises to the performance. He rushed to 97 yards in the audience, of which 64 yards got in the fourth quarter, and finally Taylor Higbee came to the foot of the battle.

There is 2 minutes left in the competition, and Galley has got the first attack to make the lesses consume only the remaining game time. Prior to this, another running Weaved Markham Brown (Malcolm Brown) 11 times a shock push 53 yards to get 2 times (in the past four seasons only get 1 to 1 to the ram).

And the black panther’s four-point guards, Cam Newton, is still unstable, and the 239-yard is not reached to send 1 copy. The entire black leopard is basically awarded the Christian McCaffrey. 19 sho shores for 128 yards 2 to 2 reachaes, one code 6.7 yards, 10 batches to advance 81 yards.

San Francisco 49 people 31-17 Tampa Bay pirate

Richard Sherman and the Ahkello Witherspoon two defensive group players two-digit copy of the two-point crowd directly destroyed the pirate quartz Wei Juemeis – Winston ( Jameis Winston’s self-confidence, 49 people quadgile-Gallomy Garoppolo, Today, a small test, a 166-yard harvest 1 Daliang 1 copy, this is his time after a year.

In general, 49 people’s offensive groups do not come out, and the brightness of the defensive group is the key they can win.

The pirate team should consider the four-point guard yourself, please come to the veteran Bruce – Alius, I hope to re-teach Wenston, reduce his mistakes, but this game is still thrown out 5 remembered. The highlight of pirate is the road attack, Ronald Jones 13 sho pushes 75 yards, and the code is 5.8 yards.

Dallas Cowboy 35-17 New York Giants

I saw a teammate in my offensive group and a big contract, and the Dik Prescott was not anxious. The single 0 mistake came out 4 remedy the outstanding performance Own. Prescott is the quarter of the second pass for the second passbook, and the 32-passed 25 is promoted to 4 to 4 reachaes.

25 passed successfully found 7 outer junctions, 4 get up to do, help Amari Cooper (6 borrows 106 yards 1 Dali) and Michael-Galu Pub (7 game 158 yards) two The external hand is on the number of battles. Ezekiel Elliott 13 shores promoted 53 yards 1 to 1

The giant team, the four-point 卫 卫 (Eli Manning) is stable, 44 shots 30 times, and the 306 yards will be promoted. This year’s first round show Daniel Jones has also completed three passes, performances.

Saquon Barkley is still the big leg-level performance, 11 sho pushes 120 yards, close-edge-edram completed 11 battles to promote 116 yards 1 to 1 to. What is worth paying attention is that the two quarters of Manning and Jones have sent the ball once.

Detroit Lion 27-27 Arizona

After experiencing the ups and downs of the field, the Shu Lang Kailer-Murray, a session, and this actions were victory for Murray himself. The fourth quarter faces 18 points behind, the rickets are broken down under the Lead of Murray. The Lu Chasing has two chances to win in the overtime game, but the lions are also the same, but they live Free kick, with a flat place.

The first three games, the offense of the red ramp made people see any hope, but the fourth quarter is like a magical, suddenly active. In less than 6 minutes left, Murray David-Johnson completed 27 codeca to reduce the score of 16-24.

After the defensive group made the lions, the Zhenlang was pushed up to 60 yards 9 times. 4 The 4 yards of the line will be external to the Larry Fitzgerald, and then two seconds before the game Split transform equalizes.

Murray pushed 308 yards in the entire game, 54 pass 29, and harvested 2 times, once was copied. And the lion is open, and the four-point guards-Stafford 45 passed the 385 yards to cut the 3 to 3 to 0 CDs. Data is impeccable, but he is in the ball The team failed to advance in the last few waves, quickly handed over the ball. Two male lions take over T. J. Horkenman (6 balls promoted 131 yards 1 Daliang) and Danny-Oman Dora (7 times the ball 104 yards 1 Deta) advanced over 100 yards.

Seattle Sea Eagle 21-20 Cincinnati Tiger

The Hawks have won a hard battle. The Shanghai Eagle is struggling at most the time in the game. A total of 233 yards, but in this limited attack, quad sauce Wilsi Wilson (RUSSELL WILSON) 20 passes 14 promoted 193 yards to harvest 2 rendered, running to Kris Carson (Chris Carson) got a mushroom to reach.

Compared with Tiger 4-point Wei Di-Dale Dalton, Wilson’s propulsion code is too small, Dalton 51 passed 35 times, push 418 yards, the same 2 rendered to no copy In the first half, 2nd Daler is all found in the second grade outside John Rose (John Ross III).

So why will the tiger lose? This game has a total of 4 times to lose the ball 3 times, too many mistakes lead to the strength of the tiger, and the other Tiger has only used 14 shots to advance 34 yards, and the efficiency is really low.

Los Angeles Lightning 30-24 Indianapolis

Lightning Runa, Austin Ekeler, 5 minutes from the overtime, got the third remember, 12 sho, 12 shots, 6 times, 6 times The ball promoted 96 yards 2 to 2 to two, so the data made lightning forgot to Melwin, Gordon, still in the trouble. Under the teachings of Ext, Justin Jackson, Jackson Jackson, 6th.

The quartz fever-Philip Rivers continuously transcended Damein, and became the third long quarter of NFL continuous first time. The big river promoted 33 yards in the 34-passed 25 in the game, gaining 3 reached the array, sent 1 copy, this is his fifth time to win 3 times or more than 3 times.

The flashing team once got a leading 24-9, but the pony took the score at the end of the game, four points Guardiabi – Brisette 25 games promoted 174 yards to get 1 Deta, one code 7.0 yards.