Nine bureaus shorter solution is full base 3 The crisis Yangji away 4-2 wins the sailor

On September 9, Beijing time, New York Yangji continued to challenge Seattle sailors on the west coast.The last game Yangji zero sailed sailor, so that the opponent promotion playoffs is getting bigger and bigger, and Yangji has stabilized the first outer card.In this game, the two sides of the firing will be relatively low, and the leader has been chased twice, and finally got a lead in the seventh place.The bureau is resolved the crisis, and finally wins the sailor in 4-2.

The king of the sailor first, Ernande, four points, four points, four points today, have been replaced

The king of the sailor first, Ernande, four points, four points, four points today, have been replaced

[Data Highlight]

McCachen opened the first rod, 1 point to get 1 point, Torres 3 playing 2 支 打 1 points, Romahen won the home run.

[Competition process]

In the first bureau, Yangji took the lead in attacking, facing ”King” Ernand, the first Bar McCachen slammed the home run, Yangji got a very ideal opening, 1-0 leader. Stanton hopes to expand the score, rushing to chase but did not contribute, rolling the earth, Hicks is out of the bureau; the recent felt hot Woiit is selected from the four-bad ball to keep, the guerrillas that have just been returned Site knocked out the ball out of the game, and the yang did not continue score.

The second half of the first game, Lans Lynn debut, Hanger Pingfei, Seu Lila, through the crusade, but Kano and Cruz double-rolled earth, Lin En, Successfully solved the first game.

In the middle of the second game, Torres was first settled out of the base, but Luomihen’s double kill made two people; then Karda also hit a hit, but the first pretending McCacho rolls the earth. In the second half of the second place, Lin En completed the three three, still remained unrestrained state.

Zunano seized the first ball of the pitcher to grab the ball's mind, directly slamming the home base

Zunano seized the first ball of the pitcher to grab the ball’s mind, directly slamming the home base

The third bureau is short, the first blow is the sailor to catch the ancestors. In the face of the first ball from Lin En, I will fight the Yangchun cannon, helping the main team to equalize the score, 1-1; next to God The earth is out, the sailor returns the first stick, Hanig, Segula has no combat contribution, and the end is over.

In the upper half of the fifth game, Canada first selected the four bad balls to send the barrier, and successfully stolen, and then McCachen is also a four-bad ball. The head coach immediately decided to change Ernin. The king ”only fuses 4.0 bureaus, lost 2 points, 1 point for self-responsibility, sent 2 three vibration, but there are 3 guarantees. The cowshed pitcher Armstrong appeared in the first player, catching the hand, and the runner pushed the barrier, then Stanton flying sacrificed to send back friends, Yangji leads again, 2-1; Hicks’s double kill Yangji regret did not continue score.

In the second half of the fifth, Hig took the lead in knocking out, Gamel’s three-speed direction rolling the earth, causing Hig to be blocked in the second base, Phamel on the first base;
Zunano rolled out the game, but promoted the runner Gordon hits the left outerflyfall, Gormell ran back the homes score, the sailor is stubborn secondary to equalize the score, 2-2.

In the upper half of the sixth game, Woiit rushed to the earth, And Duhar was killed, Gregionus high flying ball was killed, and 3 of this game did not beaten. In the second half of the sixth bureau, the center of the sailor still plays a sluggish, and the top three sticks a inner football, the two flat flies out, three on three.

Catcher Luo Wumen wrapped around the three-stricken face, and this point is also a point in the victory of Yangji.

Catcher Luo Wumen wrapped around the three-stricken face, and this point is also a point in the victory of Yangji.

In the seventh game, the sailor Wenseng debuted. After the three oscillated Torres, it was arrested Romiheon to hit the right country, this spring gun is the third home run, and help Yang The basis for the third time, 3-2. In the second half of the seventh place, Lin En completed today’s pitching, this is over 6.0 bureaus and is hitting 3 security, lost 2 points, no guaranteed. In line with the Britton, the quality of the pitch is very good, sending 1 three vibration to solve the three players, the end.

In the middle of the eighth game, the sailor replaced the victory group pitcher Kolio paved the Yangji Center, in the face of Stanton, Hicks and Woiit, Kolome strongly sent three three vibrations, for the team to fight against attack Opportunity, only 1 point difference, there is a 2 game left. In the second half of the eighth, Yangji also sent strong trunking Robertson, facing the first bearer Gamel, was consumed 12 balls, so on the last player did not sway, standing and arrived by the Senang; Novo, Gordon is also three vibrators, and Robertson also harvested 3 times.

In the second half of the eighth game, Andado was sent to the barrier, and Hercha Valia will drive the runner to the three-speed base. Torres knocked out the flying sacrificed hit, got 2 points of insurance for Yangji, 4 -2 Leading; then Rommane and Gardner were divided into three vibrations, and Yangji took 2 points to enter the last half.

In the first half of the ninth game, Yangji sent Betans to the scene, the sailor started from the first stick; Hanig hit the third 2nd second base for the season, the first hitting station to get a point; the sailor Strike, Segula was sent by Sanzhen, and Kano debuted, the first ball was smashed, injured, and the situation became a one-two-legged one and two equities. The ball is sent, forming a full base; then tongue multi-ball or three oscillated Span, there is still the last number; Hig debut, the four balls were sputum, pitcher was full of stress, Perfect rescue, help Yangji to win the game.

[Two sides starting]

New York Yangji team:

Andrew-McCachen right wilder

2. Jankolo Stanton designated hits

3. Alon Hicks Chinese and foreign wilder

4. Luke – Woit

5. Miguel – Affie

6. Didy-Gregus guerrilla

7. Grareber Torres Two base

8. Osts – Romarn Catcher

9. Brett Gadner left outer wilder

Seattle Sailor Team:

1. Mickey – Hanger Chinese and foreign wilder

2. Joan – Seula guerrilla

3. Robinson – Kino is a base

4. Nielsen – Kruz designated hits

5. De Nad Span left outer wilder

6. Kyle Hig 3rd

7. Ben – Gamel right outside

8. Mike – Zunnino catcher

9. Di – Gordon 2rd

[Next prospect]

The next game Yangji sent Brazac, served as award, 7 wins this season, 6 losses, 3.54 self-blame rate, the last game against sportswakers, only compiled 3.1 games lost 4 points, I have been replaced early. The poor state hopes not to continue to the next game. The sailor’s first firman is Ramirez, 2 wins this season, 3 wins this season, Ramires received 2 wins and 1 negative 3.70 self-vocation rate after activating from the observation in August. The result of 2 wins 2 wins on the performance of the waves.