No desire to do two teams to stage offensive war, red stockings 12-10 overcome the tour

On the morning of September 25th, Beijing time, the American Royal League Texas Tour Cavalry took the challenge of Boston’s red socks at home. The two teams that have not been lost in the playoffs are all open, and the two teams jointly launched 22 points, and finally the red stockings 12-10 defeated the cavalry.

Data highlight

The reddock team first made a pitcher Edwards – Rodriggus appeared 5 games lost 7 points to send 6 times San Zhen got the victory, Brandon Walkerman rescue success. The reddock team first sent a line all over the line, JD-Martinez 2 security 3 points.

The ride will first send a pitcher Enson-Wolx’s 0.2 game lost 4 points without a victory. Elvis – Andrews and Eza-Kirna Fala each played 3 security, Ruge Dad-Odor and Scott-Heneman have 3 points.

Game process

In the first place, Rafael Decs played a homework, and through the explosion of the second base. Zhanzh Bocatz is played to send him back home score, and the reddock team is 1-0 lead. Since then, Bogatz has also passed the burst to the second base. Andrew-Benneuti’s Antiples and Christian-Vaskes’s
four bad balls to let the red stockings form a full base, Xiaojie Kradley, two outsource, two https://www.mlbtrikot4.compoints, two points, 4 -0.

The first bureau, Elvis Andrews and Willie – Carlhorn have played a hitting, Danny Santana, selected four bad balls to form two out of office. Ruge Dad-Odor is selected to keep back, Scott Heineman is atestable to return to two points, Jose – Trevino’s first base is played back and sent back, will score Chasing, 4-4.

The second bureau is over, Muqi-Bates hooked out of the spring gun, and the socks 5-4. In the second half of the second game, Delino-De Hilz played a three-run mating and relying on Andrews’s Gao Fei sacrifice to the home base score, 5-5. In the third bureau, Mickey Morade played the second base to play and then went to the third base, and finally rely on the opponent’s gavel to rewrite it as 6-5 In the third bureau, Edward – Rodrigs sent three three.

In the fourth game, Marco Ernande, Gorky-Ernandez continuously played a stand-alone, Drescentels played the second base to play with Bugatz’s high flying sacrifice to send back , 8-5. In the second half of the fourth place, the ride cavalry formed, but Rodriguez resolved the crisis did not lose weight.

The fifth bureau is over, Benneuti, Vasqueys and Bradley continuously form a full base, Gorky-Ernande Gaofeng sacrificed fetch, 9-5. After Drescer is deliberate, Vasque is rely on the explosion of the opponent, 10-5. After Bogotz four goals, JD-Martinene was played back to two points, 12-5. In the second half of the fifth, Odor slammed two-point gun, 12-7.

In the first half of the sixth game, Jeffrey Springs sent three three. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Andrews and Carlornian hit the base, Santana flying sacrificed to send back, 12- 8. After the four bad guarantees of Odor, Haininman’s anattors returned to one point, 12-9. In the seventh place, Springs sent three three times again. In the second half of the seventh place, Kena Falan was hit, and Andrews’s high flying sacrifice will rewrite the score to 12-10.

In the first half of the eighth game, Imanuel Kras sent three three. The two parties will not be scored. The second half of the ninth Bureau, Brandon-Wokman helped the team to stay in the victory, the final scene was 12-10 to overcome the cavalry. ,

Both sides

Boston Red Sox:

First stick: Muqi-Bates right outside

Second Bar: Rafael Dres

Third 棒: Zhanzh Bocatz guerracom

Fourth stick: JD-Martinez designated blow

The fifth rod: Mickey – Morade https://www.trikotskaufenn.comis a base

Sixth stick: Andrew-Beneterti left outer wilder

Seventh: Christian – Vasque Catcher

Eighth stick: Xiaojie – Bradley Chinese and foreign wilder

Ninth, Malco, Ernand

First pitcher: Edward – Rodrigs

Texas Route:

First stick: Delino-De Hillz Zhongwai Wild Hand

Second Bar: Elvis – Andrews guerrilla

Third 棒: Willie-Carlorn left outer wilder

Fourth rod: Nick Sorak designated blow

Fifth good: Danny Santana

Sixth stick: Ruge Dad-Odor 2rd base

Seventh: Scott – Heineman’s right outside

Eighth rod: Jose – Trevino catcher

Ninth Bat: Aisia Kirna Faffer

First pitcher: Enson – Walks

Next look

Tomorrow’s two teams will continue the second game of the series, the two teams will send Trick Posall (13 wins 12 losses, 5.56, 135 sputum points), and Colebe-Arad ( 4 wins and 1 loss, self-blade rate 4.25, 32 times, three vibrations) served as a first-hand pitcher.

Posotho Beno in the five-year-old red hose may be the last time to play for the team. At the end of the season, he expired the contract as a free player. The career is 158 times for red socks, 72 wins and 55 negative, and the blame is 4.43.

Arad’s first six times in the first six times in the tourist soldier, the self-sharing rate is 3.78, but the last two games will be 0 wins and 1 loss, and the self-blame rate is as high as 6.00. The last time I first sent two points to the space 5. The self-sharing rate of the three major family is 7.36.