No rules, no standards! The reason Chinese football is not successful, is that no rules

I think a few years ago a good domestic drama, is the ”great strategist Sima Yi,” the show a high reputation among the audience, I feel very good, which in addition to Chen Mi scared to Heaven, as well as the whole for historical comparison drama tangible reduction. For example, we know of hands ceremony, when reciprocity is usually left palm holding right fist, and in return during the funeral, the right palm is left fist hold (in fact, there are men and women, hi funeral of the points, I just say basic profile), the drama which we basically did not complete before the reduction, the show touches on the basic performance in place, are not easy.

Large strategist Sima Yi

Said today that this drama is definitely not beautiful to you publicize Zhang zhixi, nor to whom comeback to prepare, but to aaj ka pepartell you a fact obvious: Our country was once one of the most exquisite local rules. However, our Chinese Football Association, a not very clearly about the rules of the place!

Marie Chen Mi

Policy settings for the least rules: quotation

When I heard that I was in the first time, I was really awkward: this restriction consumption is the way of planning economy, in our market economy is running rapidly, so policies It is not necessary to introduce it. Because professional football imports themselves are there is no standard,dd doordarshan live the setting of the adjustment fee is equal to the development of a standard: this cost is more than the limit, this fee is below, it allows. This completely no data is supported, and the policy of taking the head is determined, it is necessary to make an unhappy joke!

He must do an interpretation of money

Sure enough, a stressed about an injunction of the adjustment fee allows everyone to look at: Evergrande, Shanggang and other tickets … These incredible stories behind, in fact, it is a matter of a matter: the Football Association provides problems when designing, It will definitely encounter difficulties in the implementation!

Adjustment fee

In the past few days, there was a old law to return to everyone’s vision, which was the transfer dispute between Shenhua and Tianhai on Wang Yongpo. About the situation is that indian hindi Tianhai and Shenhua in order to avoid the recovery fee of the Football Association (the upper limit is a single player 20 million yuan), so Wang Yongpo and other three young players pack 80 million yuan, and the results because the Tianhai suffered a change, the other three The young player did not arrive in Shenhua reported that Shenhua paid a transfer fee of 45 million yuan. Now the Tianhai is considered to Shenhua deferred by the year, requiring Shenhua to pay the rest.

Can he worth 80 million?

This lawsuit said in the end, and it is also an inventive pot. In order to avoid the rescue adjustment fee, the domestic clubs, change the player’s price to seek customs. Therefore, the China Football Association implements an increase in adjustment fee policy, and it has received almost zero from the transfer of the transfer newspaper news from domestic players. On the other hand, the importance of foreign aid is not easy. There is room for the implementation of the prescribed implementation of the Football Association!

It is likely to be the last adjustment fee

Not in the rules, can’t be rounded! This is the name of the name left by the old ancestors, meaning the importance of tools, but emphasizes that doing things must follow certain rules, forming a rules, in order to stabilize. The Chinese Football Association will not lack the ability, lack is the fear of the sports movement of football. Which day you can wake up at this point, similar to the jokes such as adjustment, can really be really good enough!

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