not to standard! 12, 4, 12 points a game, still boast mouth brother, Cole really come to rely on you

Staples library is no longer a nightmare

Curry came every few years at Staples, his shooting performance is very unsatisfactory. But in today’s match and the Clippers, Curry broke out again. Overall he hit seven three-pointers, contributed 33 points and five rebounds, six assists and six steals to help the team on the road to victory in this game. Curry now really very hot state, he is always the Warriors team spirit, now he finally broke the nightmare again MVP launched the attacks.

But I do not know at this victory warriors among you are aware Wiggins performance. Wiggins career knows most afraid to face the opponent is a small card, the small card is not now the Clippers, he is not the time to break out of it?

12 Wiggins audience only receive 12 points 4

So far this season, Wiggins was averaging 19.4 points, and after the Timberwolves game, Wiggins completely broke. In this regard Curry also ridicule, before the start of the race, he will let himself become Downs Wiggins every deduction. Indeed, after that game, it looked like Wiggins, like a person, he is no longer in our mouths wolfberry brother, no longer control our hearts that divide people up, and he began to increase his own offensive, and he began to fulfill his talent.

But today Wiggins scored just 12 points, for him, does have some failure. We can not ignore his influence over the game, defensive end he still scored seven rebounds, including two offensive rebounds, and sent out 1 steals and two blocked shots.

In the offensive end any player should have ups and downs, 12 points for Wiggins did not in terms of compliance. Wiggins is the focus of today may be Cole ”take care” of the players. Clippers now know that the heart attack was George Wiggins so naturally became the Warriors lineup to limit George’s best players. He is the most playing time today, the Warriors players, Cole basically arranged for him and George are the same as above, the court as long as George Wiggins will not recover from.

George played the final 36 minutes 31 seconds, Wiggins played 36 minutes 07 seconds, his presence of positive and negative values ??is also the starting lineup after Curry +8. Wiggins did the same defensive ability is outstanding, and now he has started to adapt to the Warriors system,
which shine in the team, his career has not yet been so happy to win the game, speaking for Wiggins perhaps the heart is really touched, and he and the Warriors really have the opportunity to go to a championship trophy.

Have always said Curry, Green, Thompson and Andre Iguodala determine the lower limit of this team, and Wiggins is decided that the upper limit of the team players. He is too critical for the Warriors, on the offensive end of the performance there is always stable, defensive end became one of the team’s best perimeter defender, he deserves Cole dependency. As long as the Warriors can completely Wiggins stimulate the outcome of the heart, then the championship really not far away, really thank the Warriors, this really diamonds in the rough to be unearthed!