Nuggets and Lakers are hard to brothers! After the bracket, the team is 3 wins and 5 losses, now has 5 losses.

On November 24th, Beijing time, Denver Nuggets lost 100-119 to Portland. It was interesting. After the game occurred in Yekawi this season, the team has achieved three consecutive victories, but now, Nuggets have encountered 5 games.

In today’s game, the porter’s double gun performance is very good. Before the end of the half, the Pioneers finally attack, CJ broke through the inner line transcripts. Half ahead, double guns in 19 voted 14, Lillad contributed 18 points and 3 assists, McCalem slashed 19 points 2 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals.

Worse, at the end of the year, the Nuggets seems to have been surrendered, the team has only been 3 points for three minutes, and the trailers continue to enter the basket to take a small climax of 9-3 to continue to expand the lead.

Even if the Nuggets, Jeff Green tested, even the voted penalty got 5 points and assisted teammates, Baton and Lillad entered the pause after three points. However, then the trailer will kill the game in a row. In the end, the pioneers were put into the Nuggets at home, and the 4-game winning will be given to the opponent 5.

It is worth mentioning that this service, Jeff Green is 34 minutes 42 seconds, shooting 16 in 9, three points 4 in 3, free throw 3 3, get 24 points 4 rebounds https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com3 assists 3 caps. 24 points are also the new high score of Jeff Green this season. After 19 minutes of the game, he once again refreshed the new season.

However, the final team still loses the ball, after the gifter has a fight event, the team is currently worried, only in the western part.