Occupational bowl open the first! NFL try 15 yards to play instead of gambling

”Gambling Kick” has always been an unique scenery in the NFL game. Many times, it represents a miracle prelude. However, this ”gambling” is too strong, and some people try to seek changes, such as NFL officials.

Although in March alliance meetings, the team owners vetoed the proposal to replace gambling. But the alliance seems to see another way, seeking another changed way – such as this rule in the professional bowl. It is reported that NFL officials have announced this change, and gambling will not appear on the professional bowl stage.

As in the past, there will be no kick in the professional bowl competition, so when a team scores, in addition to putting the ball to the opponent, there is another choice to start attacking from the 25-yard line.

This choice requires a one party to expand a position at the location of the 25 yards. If you can push 15 yards or more, the offensive party will keep the ball; if you have not enough 15 yards, it will be on the fixed-button point attack and defense. In other words, in the professional bowl competition, the gambling kick rules will be replaced by a rule equivalent to the four-speed 15 yards.

Since the 2018 Alliance has revised the kicking rules, gambling kicks become more difficult to succeed. The new rules prevent the players from running before the ball, which greatly reduces the results of gambling kicks.

The success rate of gambling kicks from 21% before 2017 to 7.7% in 2018! Although this year rose to 12.9%, the trend of success of gambling kicks is clearly declining.

Denver’s wild horse put forward a similar proposal, but in March last year, the boss was vetoed by the boss at the League meeting. Although NFL rules will not be changed to the professional bowl, it has at least a sign, and some people want to promote the change of this rule.

In the future, we can see the changes in the rules of gambling in regular seasonings or unknown. Perhaps your career bowl will provide an excellent template.