Offensive flows over the packaging extraction: they already need me

September 24 (Wen / ESPN ROB DEMOVSKY Compile / Love) Although there is no rare thing in the season, but the green bay packaging is undoubtedly a good start, especially their offensive is full, two A total of 87 points! The head of the team’s top is not much contributed in the second game, but he does not worry, but he remembers some beautiful memories last season.

Last season, Adams missed the opening season because of the toes injured, and the package was the same as the opening of 4 wins and 0. Adams talked about this at an interview on Wednesday and joking: ”Yes, they don’t need me now, they don’t need me to win the ball.”

In the face of self-departments of their own good partners, the four-point guard Alon Rogers apparently politely playing a wave of round fields.

”We certainly need Adams.” Rogers said, ”We have always needed him, he is too talented. I think many people may only see the talent of him, and he is a person who can change the game, he changed The other side defensive way. So in his lack time, we see a completely different defensive strategy, I understand the tactical arrangement of the opponent’s tactical arrangement for us, but it doesn’t let the opponent At sufficient attention. ”

After a season, the packaging work may once again face this ”different defense”, because Adams injured in the second half of the lions last week, and did not participate in training on Wednesday. The coach Matt Raverle has revealed that Adams wishes to continue training, but Raverle has stopped him. Of course, Raverlell will not be as confident like Adams, his decision is more based on injuries.

This also makes Adams to have a question that the third week of the Saint-Saint-Saint is.

”It feels much better.” Adams said, ”I am progressing every day, but now I can only watch it. Whether the decision can be played will be made this week, because there is a complete time Assessment, we need to do the right decision, take into account from the big direction. We are still very far from the big goal, but we are working hard toward the direction. ”

However, Rogers said that the defensive strategy of defensive strategy is indeed reflected in the field. The first week of the opponent Viking, the defensive strategy is to press the pressure, the package is the first week of the team’s number of people in the first week, so Adams pushes 156 yards 2 times in front of the relatively smaller defensive pressure. Dali Wei Feng eight sides; however, the second week of Lions focused on Adams on the defensive strategy, let him only promote 36 yards, all of his data is in less than 7 people’s box, It was until he was injured. But the price of the focus on defending Adams is – running to the Alon – Jones mixed push 236 yards 3 times to reach.

”This is just indicating that our players have enough ability and toughness to improve themselves.” Adams said, ”” It is obvious, injuries are not expected, we can’t think that ”we may miss it at the time of facing the new season. Long time ’, so we need to quickly adjust our ideas to face unknown difficulties, which is quite important in NFL games. I will experience such adversity with my teammates, but last year, we have reasonable. Team configuration. ”