On April 22, Beijing time, the US duty wand big league ended 15 consensus, Yangji 7-6 Royal, Jinyu 3-4 Shuangcheng, Malinfish 0-5 National, Tiger 4-3 White Sox, Pirate 2-3 giant, 3-4 red socks, winemakers 5-6 Dodge, Bear 2-1 Rail Snake, visitors 11-10 space people, Rocky 4-1 Philadelphians, Angel 8-6 Sailor, Sports Home 4-5 Blue Bird, Pride 4-3 Red, Sapphire 6-4 Metropolitan, Indians 5-11 WarriorsYangji 7-6 RoyalThe Yangji is very easy to play, and when they hit the three-year gun in the lower half of the fifth game, they have been 5-0.However, the eighth game of Yangji has always been a steady https://www.trikotskaufenn.com steak, but the first is the three people in Green, and I can’t catch the number of people. I will be replaced, then I will introduce Ottvino introduced by the break.The arrest appeared, knocked three long hits including two home runs, Yang Bi was first turned into 1 out of the time.Fortunately, in the first half of the eighth game, the first half of the eighth game sent back to Takman, got a score, and the two sides will enter the extended competition. The tenth game is Romi, two or three bases, and he is playing, sending back to Takmanni’s home 7-6 danger. The performance of the Parxton 6th Bureau 12 three-vibratulance did not get the victory.Jinxi 3-4 Double CityThe first game of Shuangcheng rely on a series of more than 2-0 leaders, the third bureau, the second half, the SMs cleaner, help the coastal score to https://www.mlbtrikot4.com 2-3. Jinyu 2-4 After entering the ninth game, the two out of the bureau is a situation, and Viar’s second base is played back to Laud, and the double city chooses to deliberate Rogers, fill the package to face the plug. Vilino, but the young catcher flying ball played in the game, Double City is dangerous to win, sweeping this series.Marinfish 0-5The national won the soldier, and Zi Merman’s single field is a big power of their hits. First, the Pitcher Strasberg 8 bureau picked up 2 security and playing 11 times. Senuch did not lose, and dedicated the best performance in this season.Tiger 4-3 white socksThe seventh place, the lower half of Baker Ham hit the Yangchun gun, and the tiger has already achieved a 4-0 lead. At this time, the white socks started to fight against, and the eighth game relied https://www.mlbtrojerse.com on a series of skewers to chase the score to 3-4. But the second half of the ninth bureau is three times in Green, the end of the tiger, Green, Himmene, I have eaten. Goodbye, the three vibration, the white socks finally regretted.Pirate 2-3 giantsThe two-point guns of the Pirate Team Bell’s Fourth Council have achieved 2-0 leaders, but only one and a half bureau, the giant’s star Western three-pointer helped the giants reversed the score, this is his season Boom, the final giant won the score of 3-2.Ray 3-4 socksThe radiance Robertson’s class, the second half, the second half of the third game, the second half of the third game, the lead, the red socks show that Morand’s spring cannon will be chased to 1-2, then Bugotz full The homeship of the homes have made red socks in the sixth game and 3-2 reverse https://www.maillotsenligne.com score. Tommy-Fan’s home running the two teams into the extended competition with 3-3, the first half of the 11th game, the red socks sacrificed to the Dres ran resort, and finally the red stocking away 4-3 https://www.mlbdrakterno.com swept the opponent.Winemaker 5-6There is a two-way four games, Pedson, and the Belin is hitting two, and the Dodge is 5-0 leaders. The winemaker does not give up and starts counterattack. Kane and Tems helped them chasing scores in the fifth bureau and the eighth game. The first half of the ninth bureau is Beilinjie. He hits black morality, helping the Taoism once again beyond the score, and finally winning 6-5.Bear 2-1 RattlesonThe two sides will remain in the second half of the sixth bureau. Baize Sabee Massen, to help the hob of the bear. But the home of the Ninth, Daisen, helped the snakes equalized https://www.fanartikelsportde.com the score.The bear did not let the game entered the priest, and the two were in the base, Bot was knocked out from Bradis, and the little bear was a victory of the game at home 1-0.Ranger 11-10 space manThe ride is in the first game, on the first place, with Gallo’s security first, the third bureau of the Spaceman used sacrificial to recover 1 point, the tourist soldier opened the score, with 10-1 scores over the first four games Contest. The space man began to counterattack, the first half of the fifth game recovered 5 points, and the first half of the eighth games was two Yangchun guns. The spaceman only took 3 points to enter the ninth game, Springer Yangchun cannon and Otti The pool of the barrier is only 1 point behind, but finally the Chrinos is gone to see the three vibrations, and the ride 11-10 is shocked https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com and there is no harmony.Rocky 4-1 PhiladelphiansThe next half of the Sixth Bureau of Rocky, on the second half of the 2nd, the score will be opened to 4-0. Although the Ninth Bureau Philadelphie is replayed by 1 point, but it is no good, and the end of Luo The base field is 4-1 wins, and the first firman Gray six games have not lost.Angel 8-6 ??sailorSmith used the first half of the season to help the angel second half a leader of 2-0, although the sailor team hittarona hit a 1 point, but the two home runs of Lastera and Gude Ten helped the sailor Pull from 4-1. The seventh place of the angel is not reduced, and the unit will be 2 points, and the eighth game is 2 points. 8-1 The leading angel is almost reversed, the sailor’s ninth game 3 single branch 3 bombings chased to 6-8, but finally the Na Naisi in the wildflying ball out, the sailor passenger passengers 6-8 defeated, and encountered recent The seventh game of 10 games.Sports home 4-5 blue birdThe first 6 games ended, the blue bird got 3-1 leader, and the seventh game Sogke took a two-point gun to pull the score to 5-1. The eighth seat of the second half of the sportsman got 3 points by a series of beats, but no to help, the final 4-5 home is not a blue bird.Pride 4-3 redThe second bureau of Iglesias helped the red people to have a good job, and the third half of the priest rely on a series of long and hitting, 4-1 contrast. Although the seventh place of the Red Man hits two points in the spring, they have not formed a continuous offensive, and the end of the 3-4 away.Sapphire 6-4 metropolisThe big capital is the first game of Alonso, but the second half of the red squatters played from the Sindgard hand, and the third bureau will make persistent efforts to enter the fourth score with 5-1. Bureau.The fourth bureau of Schindgard hit the home run, but when he turned to him, he still can’t pressed the horses of the red tones, and the 5 game was returned. 2-6 The backward metropolis will then hit a home run by Kano and Kong Formo, and finally scored at 4-6, and the metropolis will be defeated.Indians 5-11 WarriorsDonalson’s first game, the second game he completed a single ring, the top 7 games, except for the fifth bureau, the Warriors Bureau has a score. The seventh bureau of Junji has hit the Yangchun gun, and the Indian Single Bureau recovered 2 points, but helplessness was too big, and finally they were 5-11 home.(Go Aura)