On November 3, the world football transfer broke the news.

16: 34 – Aguiro accepts arrhythmia treatment in Barcelona hospital shortly, and heart disease experts said: Aguo may suffer from ventricular arrhythmia.

This may lead to sudden death in his exercise. We need to observe him for a long time. In the best case, he has crunt news to recover a whole season.

16: 30 – Emei responded to hindi news one india Newcastle to his interest: they did interested me, but they did not propose quotes.

16: 00 – Asia reported the dissatisfaction with Bell: I really don’t understand, Bell in Real Madrid training is in the Wales competition? His face is really thick.

15: 23 – Romino said in social media: C Luo is the synonym of the Champions League. He has repeatedly proved this. He helped Sthus Kia to avoid huge pressure.

15: 10-Juventus 19-year-old leased teenage Ihartalen affection, currently considering retirement, Sanddolia also gave up the player.

14: 28 – Mourinho submits a list of attacked lists to the Board of Directors in Rome, and Nago, Real Madrid is the primary goal of their winter.

14: 18- If Bartron wants to sign Harvey without paying a breach of contract, La Porta must personally go to Qatar to negotiate, while Harvey’s letter n tribal tattoo liquidated damages are 1 million euros.

13: 32 – International Milan took the lead in providing Adeyi for a 5-year contract, but the clubs currently considering the Adymy priority are Dortmund.

13: 07 – Liverpool’s old way to say that Suarez returns to C Luo, he is very passionate about Liverpool.

12: 45 – A well-known reporter Schila confirmed that O’Na basically confirmed the Joining Inter Milan and contract until 2025, annual salary of 3 million euros.

12: 32-Manchester Evening Report believes that Manchester United Champions League contest proves that Valley’s ”Forgot” is entirely the responsibility of Sthserv.

11: 29 – Barcelona is currently negotiating with Alexo, Barcelona hopes to extend his contract to 2026.

11: 26- According to the mirror report, Kongti wants to re-create a thermal thorn, his primary goal is from thapar university contact number Broszovic from Inter Milan.

11: 19 – Picture Report, Manchester City and Manchester United are signed him at the summer window to activate Harland’s default, and they are also worried about Harland’s injury hidden dangers.

10: 11 – The multi-furniture department from Premier League, Bundesliga, and Serie A expressing the interest of Arsenio, and now Dortmund is the closest to his team.

10: 00 – Former German state Mario Gomez believes that in the Champions League History, La Wan has a few years to catch up with Messi and C Luo.