On-site direct hit: MLB all-star training

Xue Lei / article

On July 9th, Beijing time, after the end of the conventional round of the rules, the union of the United States a large-scale gathering of the big union Cloud Collection Cleveland, known as the summer classic all-star competition. At the exercise day before the home running competition, the audience admitted in advance witnessed the warm-up performances of the three guns of the Melanie District, and other stars used this opportunity to gather together and easily chat.

And NBA, NHL All-Star Tour, as far as possible, we are different from all-star weekends, because each team is reluctant to abandon the daily weekend, but make MLB’s all-star games have been arranged in Week. This year’s all-star game is no exception, the home running competition is on Monday, although it is a work day afternoon, but if you want a wonderful performance of the top scorpion handler, the home base is still attracted to many local speakers in advance. At the onlookers.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, when the gate began to open to the public, he was already crowded with the audience. It turns out that in advance is a wise choice, in the hit training before the home running competition, two alliances Everyone, I took out the homework, and let the audience have too much pleasure, and you can take the baseball of the stars to take a memorial.

This year’s training day, the staff of the on-site control electronic screen is very careful. They will show the name of the star on the crackdown in the cage at each layer of the ring, let the audience know who is blowing now. train.

Among them, the Sanfa All-Star Team has a good hand in the United States, at night, the home base players the competition of the attractive sports home of Chapman and space people’s Alex Bregman, visitors in this season. The blind gun Jie-Gall, three https://www.maillotsenligne.com people, one group, mutual arrival, struggle to take the ball to the rear, like a home run in a partitioned civil war.

Of course, although the ball on the table is more, it is necessary to bring these baseball to home. In addition to the eyes of the eye, but also face other people’s competition, it is not easy, and experienced audience is natural. Bring your own gloves so that you can master the charm in the battle.

In addition to the stars that are being trained, other stars are easily and unique reporters, and greessing the opponents on the ground. For example, if there is a hurt in the back, the home running competition is launched, Jeregi, just in the last season of the season, the Taoji team’s Berlinger came out of the locker room, Berlinger is slightly playful. Top is on your own head. Turdi saw them far away,https://www.mlbtrojerse.com and immediately walked over, squid and Jeregi’s tight hug, two alliance the strongest heroes, immediately attracted the attention of a large number of media, the lens is aligned with two Man is a mad shoot.

The Yangli team of the second spring of the second spring CC-Sabsia is also the old acquaintance of Cleveland. He used to watch the Indians in the 2007 Federation of Federation of the United States. . In addition to the body, the softener is the most eye-catching or feet, Bling, Bling, the shoe spheres exudes the sparkling baseball shoes, this pair of shoes refreshed the reporter’s awareness of professional baseball shoes, the original baseball shoes can also be so dazzling cool.

Although the performance of the defending champion reddock team is quite disappointed, but the coach to the All-Star Estate looks and https://www.trikotskaufenn.com is in the face of the team’s results, but the mood is very good and people talk about laughing. Indians guerrilla Francisco – Lin Duo passed by his side, coldly was unrestricted by Kara, and the two were like a child, and the journalists who were beatted.

Collect the entire alliance’s top-tipful all-pointed all-star, for the stars, than the competition, it is better to say a relaxed party, in the conventional tight season, the pressure-heavy regular season, from all over the United States Climate pleasant Cleveland, enjoy the original relaxed casual, relaxation.

Of course, not everyone can easily smile, because in the ESPN interview, the union is sneaked in the ball in the ball in the ESPN interview, the Mei Xian All-Star will send Virlands since an appearance, it is media The groups were surrounded, and the three layers of three layers outside were surrounded by three layers from beginning to end. It’s hard to get out, I have no stay again, but I’m seriously diamond into the locker room, and go. I don’t know if I have a quick mouth, there is a saying, and regret it is in a happy atmosphere of a happy, and then it is in a happy atmosphere?