On-site hit – super bowl on-site war sales of geometric ball tickets Nearly 50,000 yuan

(Wen / Guo Qi) as a football fan, can visit the superb bowl game in the scene, can be said to be the first thing to wait in the list of things. If you just caught up with your own team to enter the super bowl, this opportunity is not much more.

It is like one of the teams who participate in this super bowl, the Kansas Emirates, the last time I entered the super bowl, I have to be traced back to 50 years ago. As a fan of the Emirates, it can be fortunate to come to the scene for his home team for half a century, even if it is also worth it.

Reporters met such a female fans on Friday flights from Boston to Miami. She is full of armed, from head to their feet, is the configuration associated with the Aeriosis. With the 87th jersey, there is a jacket and hat of the emirate team in the hand bag, and the shoes on the feet have a team compass in the Emirates.

By talking to her, the reporter learned that this fans usually settled in Boston because of the reasons for work, but she was the fans of the Emirates, and the last Ai Aika entered the super bowl, she was less than 10 years old. Watch these games before the TV.

When I gave a new England patriot, she revealed a little regret, but soon he said, ”But this year, we will return it after 50 years later.” Returned the super bowl, and after the failure last year, we became more powerful this year! ”

When talking about the overhead of watching this weekend, she said that all cost spending added about 8,000 US dollars. But when she said that she can have a chance to witness her home team to win the super bowl of championship trophy, because this experience and experience is hard to get.

The reporter then invested in the official ticket platform of this super bowl and the hotel booking platform to check the relevant prices. Although the competition is carried out on Sunday, the United States is carried out on Sunday, most of the cooperative hotels offer two nights in Sunday, from $ 685 to $ 2350. The price range of the ball ticket is wider, and if you want to sit to the 50-yard line, it is the location of the stadium, you need to pay 22215 dollars, and the cheapest three-story watch ticket is about $ 5,500.

According to several major ball tickets, the average transaction price of this super bowls of ball tickets has reached $ 7136, far exceeding the average price of the previous super bowls. To know, the average transaction price of the 53rd super bowl is $ 4657, the 52nd super bowl is 5373 dollars, the 51st super bowl is 4487 dollars, and the 50th super bowl is $ 4392.

In terms of air ticket, the fare to and from San Francisco and Miami this weekend has taken up to $ 700, and the fare to and from Kansas and Miami requires $ 500.

In this way, if there is a fan plan to watch the 55th super bowl next year, I will have a knot from now on it.

Reporter Guo Yafiu in the super bowl