On the 16th MLB point: Yangji spaceman needs to expand the second outer card

Beijing time September 16th, the US professional baseball big league has 15 games: the red people fight the bears, the white socks fight the war, the martial arts battle, the blue bird is fighting the Yangji, the tiger battle Indians, the big battle redSocks, sportsists fight the war, the warriors, pirate battle winemakers, the snake battle space, the double city battle Royal, Dodge pair of red squat, sailor battle angel, visit the war priest, Rocky battle giant.

The Red Sox of Meidian East District has a 101 victory, and the team history record is 105 wins, leading the Yangji 9.5 games. The Indians of the United States, the Indians of the United States, the first name, leading the second double city, and the United States of the United States, the United States, the defending champion space team, leading the second sports team 2.5 wins. Two external cards are Yangji and Sports, and the sportsist leads the third sailor 8.5 games.

The Warriors in Guoxung District leads the second Philadelphia team with 7.5 win. The National Sino-Social Wine Scenery team and the branch of the branch of the branch of the Bear won, the Guoji District, Guiji, the first road, only 0.5 games, and the snakes behind the Snake. The first outer card is the second, the second, leading the tonic team.

[Cincinnati Red Cross – Chicago Winner Team]

The red team first pitcher: Cody-Rude

The bear team first pitcher: Joan – Leicester

The Bear Team is currently being followed by the brewer team, and it is not allowed to have a little error, and can only go back before. In the https://www.trikotskaufenn.com first game of the Red Squad Series, it can be seen that the tired of the bear team, but after July 19, the worsaw team was injured, and the new terminator of the bear team, Strip, also entered the injury. Sick list. Nowadays, Madon, Madon, also wants to choose the candidates. The Red Strong Team also has a wounded disease situation, and the right Lubas Xims will be reimbursed in the race of the shoulder muscle.

The bear team first made a pitcher Leicester (15-6, self-sharing 3.57) career battle red team 15 6-1, self-blade rate 4.18. He played the battle for the Battle Silver Party 5.2 Bureau 7 Senument.

The Red Strong Team first pitted the Pitcher (0-2, self-sharing rate 5.08) will carry out the 5th time of this season, he originally a cow shed pitcher, in August, the red team adjusted the first lineup to turn him Forward. https://www.fanstore2.com
He career battle with the wing bear team 5 times (3 times) 0-3, the self-sharing rate is 12.79.

[Toronto Blue Birds – New York Yangji team]

Blue Bird Team First Pointer: Sean Reed – Fre

Yang Biece First Pointer: CC Shabuya

Alon Jaqi has been activated from the list of injuries, but it is not necessarily returned to the first lineup, even if the other members and fans of the team are also encouraged. During the 45 games in his deck, the Branch team was 25 wins and 20 wins, and the homeland was 13 wins and 10 losses.

Jiaqi’s significance of Yang Bi team is like Donalsen’s significance for Blue Birds, Donalton first injured, and then gave the Indian team.

[New York Mandari Team – Boston Red Sox]

Metropolitan team first pitcher: Kray Osvalt

Red Sox First Pointer: Rick Posol

Poselo will undoubtedly https://www.fanbutikk.com become the first pitcher of the Red Sox of the playoffs, but he must put the boat rudder, he is 16-7 this season, the self-sharing rate is 4.27, however 7 It is 2-3, the self-sharing rate is 5.82, and 10 strokes were hit. Before that, his record was 14-4, and the self-sharing rate is 3.84. Poslo career battle metropolis team 1-1, self-blade rate 8.44, but since 2013, it has not been fighting for 5 years.

Metropolitan team of 14 new results 3-2, self-sharing rate 6.62, his career has never been fighting in Red Sox.

[Washington National Team – Atlanta Warriors]

National Team First Pointer: Jeremi Hailik

Warriors first pitcher: Hurio Tehran

The Warriors first sent a pitcher Tehran for 5 consecutive years. The opening ceremony of the Warriors was first sent to all stars twice. However, this season can enter the playoffs https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com first lineup into a question mark. The 27-year-old Tehran has too many guarantees and hit the home run. Tehran (9-7, self-sharing 3.95) 5 times in the past 6 times, 5 times are high quality first, this period is 2.33, and the San Zhen Poset is 34-12, only hit 2 Branch hit.

The National Team first sent a pitcher Hai Leicen entered the injury list twice this season, so there were only 18 first-year opportunities. Two injuries are not caused by a ball. Hai Lexien career warrior 6 games 2-0, self-blade rate 3.18.

[Arizona Snake Team – Houston Space Team]

The snake team first pitcher: Zach-Goldley

The space team first pitcher: Charlie – Morton

The space team first pitched Morton (14-3, self-sharing rate 3.15) After the injury, the first game was the red socks, 5 games 3 Sanzhen 2 guaranteed 7 Anwind 2 points to win 5: 3 victory. When Morton said in the battle snake team, 5 games 3 Sanzhen 4 guaranteed 3 to lose 3 points with 3: 4 lost to the snake team. Morton Career Far Snakes 8 Field 4-1, the self-sharing rate is 3.77.

The snake team first sent a pitcher Goldley (14-9, self-blade) 4.67) will be the first time to fight the Space team, since June 11, he has lost 6 points in the 15th place in the road. 2 points, 51.2 The bureau lost 24 points, 6-1, and the self-blade score rate 4.18.

[Los Angeles Daoqi ”

Dodge team first praised: Ricki-Hill

The Red Picking team first pitcher: John Gant

The Dodge team is going to turn over the series of flush. After Kha Xiao got the first victory of the series, Bingle became unveiled in the 8 game. First, Pitcher Hill (8-5, self-sharing rate 3.88) will be in the next day, his most famous is that his first game is always actively scored. His points in the past 4 first 22 games were 4.50 very mediocre, but in three games, Dodge has got more than 9 points, two of them won 11 points. For the team, the winning is the last word.

This is going to see the Dodge Walker, it will hit the wall in Gantz, and the red tick team first pitched Gantt, and 39.1 bureau 4-1, the self-sharing rate of 1.60 after August 9th.