On the 28th, 8pm live broadcast Viking vs Roas: Viking people wings front line is full

On September 28th, Beijing time officially opened in the fourth week of the NFL2018-19, on Thursday night this week, the most hot Los Angeles raspids in the Alliance will have just defeated the fish, let all NFL fans. Dadenida Tvika. Xing Tianyu and Xiao Shen will be the explanation of this game. Welcome everyone to watch. [Rani VS Viking Live]

Attack and defense, the two lines are weak, the Viking people take the sheep?

Halffield 0-27, the audience 6-27, if it is not a close you, who can believe this is the team that broke into the national conclusion last season and the first two before the season, only 23 points of the team. The result. But the collapse of two front lines of attacking and defense allows Viking fans to accept this tragic.

The last game, the first round show, the Viking team’s left trual Ri Li-Lef is completely exploded, causing the summer Cork Coscus who came from the Red Leather to high salary. Up to 33 compression, two of which were chased, 3 were hit, 3 times were killed. Moreover, in such a pocket to protect a mess, the road surface mushroom cover can be worse. After the lack of the leg gluten injury, the Viking is only 6 shots, a total of 14 yards. Even if Coss is still coming out of nearly 300 yards in the event of the entire scene, it will not save the team to avoid the laughter.

The first two seasons have always made Viking fans to proud group of defensive groups like they were infected. In the face of Bill offensive front, Joh Alan has been applied 5 times. Even if the Allen career is inadequate, it is not a problem in the completion of the pocket to the pocket, but it is not a problem. This game, the rushing core Evison Griff will continue to lack, I really don’t know what the Viking is what to put the offensive front of the mash.

But I said so many status quo, everyone should not forget how the Viking is how to hit the elongated ram. Mike Qimo made a targeted deployment against Mac Wei’s screen, completely locked the offense of the male, and then defeated his opponent in the defensive battle. At present, the tactical arrangement of Mike Qivo is the final winning magic treasure of Viking people, but the ram is really in the same ditch again? The result is hard to say.

The attack and defense are ranked second, what is the invincible?

According to the PFF score, until the beginning of the fourth week, the ravess team was in the overall offensive score and defensive score, and the frontline of the offense, the defensive front line is the top of the league, it is best to go to the world. Weak link. How to see if the Win of Viking is not big. But the seemingly invincible rave is actually hidden. That is the injury problem of two League Top Magura – Marcus Pites and Azib – Taribri. Although the game is chased 27 times, Coss is still handed over 55 pass 40, and if he lets him find the empty unpacking in the defensive second line of the ram, Digos and Xili’s power is not bad.

And the magic of the great heat is suspended in the top, who dares to say that the ram will not be as bad as the Viking people last week?

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