One night, two teams were blocked under zero, and the most chaotic part of the dog can break around?

Wild East country chaos, warlords in the dead end rush, between heaven and hell on line. Beijing on December 17, NFL regular season fifteenth round of all-out war. Round game, a battle to decide their fate and some partition, some partitions settled, but some zoning would be more chaotic, say the magic the National League East.

Today Sunday Night game, the Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles territories, in the midst of sorrow songs, forced on the edge of the cliff blaze Hawks continue to play the role of spoiler in these troubled times from feeling glad. Nick – Falls, Eagles fans like to call him ”Saint Nick”, a year later stood on the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum again, to help the Hawks 30-23 victory over the Rams.

I remember this time last year, is also the story from Los Angeles beginning, Carson – Wentz ligament tear, Falls stepped in, and Eagle Falls then opened a ridiculous journey. Playoffs, no one would watch a good case, the dog’s attitude off the Falcon, bloodbath Vikings, the last Super Bowl victory over the mighty New England Patriots won the Glasgow team history’s first Super Bowl trophy. Now is the time, is at this point, the place is old, dying stars Ye Ye Hawks beat the second-seeded Rams of the National League, retains the last glimmer of playoff hopes.

31 pass 24, the pusher 270 yards no touchdowns, 1 steals, cold data does not reflect the playing surface. Under the leadership of the Falls, Eagles offensive group dynamic, the second season, scored 30 points or more, wide receiver Albert Shen – Jeffrey also activated 8 catches for 180 yards to get the refresh season-high. Before the game, betting odds given by the company is to make ram 13.5 points, which is much more than last year, second only to a few months ago Bill upset victory over the Vikings game, but also the Philadelphia Eagles since 1995 broke the biggest upset. According to ESPN statistics, the defending champion after beating the Rams record to 7-7, the chance to reach the playoffs 34%, no longer just a theoretical possibility.

Rams nearly equalized huge points difference 17 points, the final stages of the fourth quarter, the Rams return man is his own mistakes D.J. Alexander the ball right to the Eagles, Rams want to completely break the momentum reversed. The game, the Eagles united offensive line group to see water clouds, gorgeous escape individual play. This season, we saw too many champions are feared opponents momentum, submissive, then melted into the mud along the walking example. But this life and death battle, when the wounded security guard Rodney – Claude wearing masks came out from the tunnel, it seems that every player in the eyes of an eagle, are surging forward an indescribable one thousand words the surging – I want this day, and then not cover my eyes; this land, then could not bury my heart; it beings can understand my meaning; that Buddhas, were scattered all sank.

”They obviously know how to play.” Claude said.

Defense group steals Jared – Gough twice, and has been for the Rams kept pressing in the first three games. This is the first time this season the Rams lose at home, where before they averaged 38 points. After the game have called Falls magic once again saved the falcon, fans chanted ”fight it! Eagle!” That’s what the Eagles are now the most important thing, life is mostly but a hundred, why replace it Chitose worry? As defending champion, how can cold blood?

Eagles incredible victory over the Rams toward the playoffs one step further, but the situation in the east of the country seems to be more complicated. To the east of the country know that the competition has always been fierce over the past two years, the district produced two top seeds, but this year’s ”Four Little Dragons East country” Avatar ”East country four waste”, hit now, the best four teams record turned out to be 8-6. In other matches of the current round of conduct, the Washington Redskins 16-13 hard to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, with the Eagles 7-7 with the plot, because the partition because of poor record came in third, while the other two teams, and re-interpretation of what constitutes ”waste” word.

The first 15 regular season, in addition to the Eagles face long long partition, Cowboys and Giants teams together is actually zero closure, this is definitely the NL East history one of the biggest shame. 0-17 New York Giants lost to the Tennessee Titans, the Giants are in fact zero seal this thing has been surprised last season, they are also zero closure once. And after losing today, the Giants also lost their playoff hopes completely.

Another focus of the battle field, the Dallas Cowboys were playing the Indianapolis Colts to be naked, he lost a 0-23, this is the first time in 15 years the cowboy was zero closure. The team’s offense looked like a show, and looked very bluffing, in fact, did not use eggs after losing Cowboys and Redskins Hawks also see hope. Currently Cowboys 8-6 record, the Eagles and Redskins record of 7-7, in this context, want to compete for the National League East first name depends on the partition record. The Cowboys currently partition record to (4-1, double play Eagles), the eagle is (3-2), Redskins is (2-3), which means that, as long as the record of the last flat, then the Cowboys with a small points advantage to win. This also means that as long as the Cowboys win one again, or the Redskins and Eagles each lose a game, the Cowboys will be able to lock the division title. As for the Eagles and Redskins, the last week of the two teams will be a direct contest, as long as it would lose bye. To the east country teams grabbed the first name of only one way to own all win two games, the Cowboys two games all lose.

Also competing for the wild card battle, the good news is that after today’s Seattle Seahawks losing record to 8-6, which gave the Eagles and Redskins a little more opportunity, front of the Minnesota Vikings from the 7-5-1 there was only half a person wins. For now, though the Cowboys had just experienced a defeat, but their next two opponents Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Giants have been seeding, as long as the winning one will be able to lock the east end of the country name in the playoffs. The Eagles and Redskins in addition to the direct dialogue last week, next week, the former play the Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans to challenge the latter, two very tough one Ge and teeth.

But football is not round, but also because not round, they are harder to predict than a circle, changing the next few weeks, the National League East who can blaze from creating chaos, we will wait and see

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