One person in NBA, one city, may there be possible? I hope to be on young people!

Original title: One person in NBA is one city, is it possible? I hope to be on young people!

I don’t know if you have found that some of the old fans have become less and less concerned about NBA, especially in Kobe, Novitzki’s era. There is one of the reasons why one person passed away, and one person in NBA is one city, may there be possible? I hope to be on young people!

Talking about a city, I believe that everyone will think of this time in the beginning of 2000. During this period, there have been a representative of a lot of one city, Kobe is one of them. After O’Neill left the Lakers, Kobe had never won the championship for a long time, but he did not choose the group, but he left in the Lakers, and finally created his own myth.

The same is that the relationship between Novitzki, his and team boss classes, is also a good story in NBA. Nowitzki is a very good player, but he also has no satisfaction, not only Bened by Black Eight, and also in the finals were turned over, but the Kurban has never given up Norditzki, and he also brought the championship to Kutan. It is actually that everyone can understand, think It is also a big relationship with the feat of one person, and the team management.

After this, the NBA is in power. One person seems to have not been returned, but in the active player, there are still some model players, the Warriors’ Curry is one of them, as a warrior team The soul of the soul, Turi got three champions for the Warriors, and the prestige has reached the vertex, almost impossible to leave the warrior, and he is also the most hope to reach a city.

The same is also a thing in Lilad, and the situation in the case. Lillad has not got a champion in the Pilot, so many people are worried that he will choose to leave the pioneer in order to champion, but Lillad has publicly public It is said that he will not leave because the champion chooses to leave, so he also hopes to be one city.

However, only two people, I also said that it is an era. In addition to the two old players in Kuri and Lilad, some new players in the active service also have a hope of one city, like a single-character East Chicgei, Eagle Tre Yang, etc., one person may really come back!

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