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On October 28, Beijing time, Sportfive / Lajiadale Sports Helps China’s leading smart home appliances have reached a sponsor cooperation with Dortmund Football Club, and both parties have organized a signing ceremony in Shanghai. Dortmund will cooperate with chasing technology in Europe, continuously carrying out innovative linkages in Europe, including LED big screen advertisements at the club, promoting fans around the game, holding VIP entertainment and experience activities, and fast news tamil further with Mondund The fan group interacts.

Chasing Technology was established in 2017, and always focused on the self-research and innovation of core technology, and is committed to promoting ”China to create” becoming ”world”. At present, the brand has sweeping the robot, wireless vacuum cleaner, washing machine, high-speed hair dryer and other products have sold more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and they won the 2020 CES Consumer Electronics Show ”Science and Technology Innovation Award”, 2021 ”Awe Epsland Excellent Product Award, and 2021 ”German Red Point Design Award” and other honors have become one of the head brands of China. This time, with the Dortmund Football Club, this is more reflected in the pursuit of science and technology to seek further breakthrough in the global market.

In the signing ceremony, the founder of science and technology and CEO Yu Hao said: ”Since the establishment of 2017, it has clearly established” the world of the world’s top technology enterprises ”becomes a continuous sorry and growth, Dortmund and chasing There is a common feature new search of the strong enemy, pursuing excellence, etc. I am very much looking forward to chasing technology and Dortmund Football Club can have a longer-term and sustainable cooperation. I also hope that users who will see the science and technology can be loved by themselves. The team is full of enthusiasm! ”

Chasing Technology Founder and CEO Yu Hao

Benjamin Wahl, President of Dortmund Football Club, is very optimistic about the layout of technology in Europe and the global market. He said in a speech: ”$ 51 billion is the global total revenue of the 2021 underbruff market, this number By 2023, it will continue to grow. It can be said that the market situation is booming, and the development of technology is very sensible in this context to expand the European market. ”For the club and chasing technology, the Chinese science and www aaj tak latest news in hindi technology innovation company, he also Expressing the results of this ”sports + technology” cross-border cooperation, but also emphasizes the market strategies and brand value shared by both parties, that is, as a ”challenger” constantly hugs, unremitting a new bureau.

Benjamin Wahl, President of Dortmund Football Club, Benjamin Wahl

Managing Director, Managing Director, Carsten Cramer, Gregor Kobel, also specially recorded video to congratulate both parties to cooperate, and welcome all of the colleagues of science and technology. Visiting the Signer-Iduna Park on the morning, sharing the enthusiasm of football.

At the signing ceremony, Ben Jiemin Wal also saved the recruitment of scientific and technological partners and vice president of the representative of the recovery of science and technology. 2021 ”The word is google news feed like to commemorate this historic moment starting with cooperation between the two sides.

The global exclusive business partner of the Dortmund Football Club, Sportfive / Ladadel Sports also promoted Valentin Beer, Changhong Chiq brand and Dortmund’s renewal cooperation. In 2017, Sportfive / Ladadel Sports Helps Valentine and Dual Mund signed a sponsorship agreement, becoming the first regional partner of Dortmund to enter the Chinese market, and the two sides jointly organized Dostmond Football Club Fans Carnival, Legendary Star Wenden Philharmonic China , Tmall fans and other activities, at the same time, Valentine is also a multi-crown spoken offline fans and fans, and exchanges with fans friends. In the 2019/20 season, Sportfive / Ladadel Sports promotes Changhong Chiq and Dortmund reached a cooperative relationship, and 247 news media the two sides jointly improve the product experience through brand marketing and content planning. Changhong CHIQ integrates the club media channel, including TV channels, networks and social media, showing its brand and high-end products in Signer, Douna Park, Sikina Park Course in Doutemund. At the same time, Changhong Chiq takes the groundbreaking intelligent home appliance integration technology to create the best family family experience for Dortmund fans.

Chasing technology is an innovation technology company with polar genes. At the end of 2017, the company officially added Xiaomi ecological chain and is responsible for smart cleaning. The company has continuously explored innovation in the intelligent cleaning area, has a series of authorization patents in terms of high-speed digital motor, fluid mechanics, robot control and SLAM (instant positioning and map construction) and is in the world leader. The company’s existing sweeping robot, wireless vacuum cleaner, washing machine, high-speed hair dryer four major categories, product sales coverage include more than 100 countries and regions such as China, the United States, Germany, France, South Korea. Chasing the value of science and technology, and the pursuit of growth, with the Dortmund Football Club is not afraid of strong, and the temperament of the challenge is high. It is the mutual recognition of values, so that Domundel Football Club and Pursuant Successful Hands.

Echo Li, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Sportfive / Lajiadal Sports Great China, said: ”Continuously assist Changhong Chiq, Valentin Beer, etc. After the success of Dortmund, we are very happy to help Dortmund football. The club will once again broaden the sponsored category. It is expected that the Tortmund Club will pursue the unremitting pursuit of quality and innovation, and use football language to break into the hearts of consumers at home and abroad. We hope to market with football market To help more brands in the journey of establishing an international brand image, the continuous iteration upgrade of globalization business. ”

Since the built team of the Dortmund Football Club, a total of 8 German League champions, 1 Champions League, 5 German Cup champions, and 6 German Super Cup. Last season, Dortmund Football Club ranked third, acquired the European Football Champion League, and won the team’s 5th German Cup champion. Dortmund is a batch of young people such as Huangpu Academy, Royce, Gee, Hallant, and other a batch of young talents such as Huangpu Academy, Royce, and Hallah. Powerful hematopoietics and innovation capabilities, let this hundred years of giants can not be affected by Jinyuan football, still stand in the top of the European football. In the future, SportFive / Lajiadel is expected to have more new force in Dortmund, which will have more honor and will continue to protect the river in business development.

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