Packaging work winner Rogers reach a milestone, 400 passed the ball to reach the history only 7 people

On December 7th (Wen / ESPN Rob Demovsky Compile / Draskar) Beijing time this morning, Green Bay packaging workers Aaron Rodgers passed the 400th time to the battlefield eagle in the home Reach. He also became a player who reached this achievement in the history of the league.

It is worth mentioning that the 37-year-old Rogers only spent 193 regular games, completed the 400th pass to reach, the fastest reached this achievement in the history of this achievement, and the leader before Drew Brrees is still 12 times. At the same time, he is also the only player who is less than 100 when completing this achievement. At present, Rogers career is only 88 times.

In addition to Rogers and Bris, Pedon-Manning, Tom-Braddy, Dan Malino, Bretff and Philip-Rivers are other members of 400 Deta Club.

While Rogers completed the milestone of career, he also led the package to defeat the eagle with a score of 30-16, ushered in the 9th victory of the season, and only one win from the new Orleans Saint State 1. Difference. This competition Rogers passed 25 times twice successfully, from 295 yards and 3 times, did not be copied.

Before the start of this game, Rogers’ passage has been 397 times. At the beginning of the game, he continued its good condition for 4 times to the Chicago bears last week. The light is the first half, he has completed 2 passes to reach. The first time the team was in the first half of the team, the passage of Rogers in the first half of the team, the passage of Rogers accurately found unattended Dastion-Adams.

This is the past six consecutive games, which also packed the historical record of the package. The previous record was maintained by the team’s famous Tang-Hutson (Don Hutson) reached such achievements twice in the 1940s.

The second pass to the end of the end of the first half of the end. Rogers successfully got rid of the hug of the Eagle Defense Group, accurately found the Robert Tonyan, which was in the empty, completed 25 yards.

In the third quarter, Rogers came out of his career to 400 times. Of course, the target is or Adams. It is worth mentioning that this wave of offensive starts in the first code line. Rogers found the Adams surrounded by the heavy soldiers in the DVD area.

Adams’ this ball made Rogers also called: ”I really don’t know how he did it. This ball has passed a bit short, and there are so many people around him.”

It is worth mentioning that after completing the third pass of the game, Rogers’ pass reached 36 times this season, this is also the number of passers-up to the fifth single season of his career. More than 35, this is also a new alliance record. Breddy, Bris and Manning have only 4 such seasons.

After receiving the 400th pass to the array, Adams gave the ball to Rogers as a remember. The front packaging is taken over, James Jones, in the social media, straightforward, Abatos, thinks that it is really thoughtful. When Jones came to Rogers, he didn’t expect to throw the ball directly to the audience.