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Carrick’s 4 points in 2 points, the amount of gold, Yifan superstar broke out in Manchester United, C Lu Lui did not

All training equipment including the ball is disinfected on the training ground.Provide training packages for players Chelsea Jersey so that they are ready to train.Draw a designated parking space for players, and leave three parking spaces between each car.Assign players to four to five different groups, they will train on Paris Saint-Germain troeje the designated […]

British media: Arsenal or violation of the golden souvenir is midfield!Gunner wants to sign Yun Deldam Chita

voetbaltenues kids Arsenal Middle Field Zaka talks about his feelings of this season and Emei’s impact: ”This is definitely the best season so far, there is no doubt that I think I have a better floor. Since joining Arsenal, it is now the best period of time, and the head coach has a huge impact […]

2-0, the ball is only 5% + bombing 26! One wave double line three-game winning 4 + 1, Guo’s heavy glitter

The 15th round of La Liga, Villa Riar, Barcel, this game, the outside world is not very optimistic about Barcelona can win, although it has changed new handsome, it has been unbeaten, it seems to show a certain Signs of recovery, but from the whole, Barcelona three lines are very unstable, and this game, from […]

35-year-old Super Champion foreign aid conquered Bajia!Nearly 3 games, 5 tape strips rushing down, 17 collar running

Completo CalcioFreiburg encountered three losses, away 1-2 lived in Bayern, lost to Frankfurt at home, away from Fuhong.However, in the standings, Freiburg is still ranking third.10 rounds before Freiburg started, win 6 wins and 4 flat, the founder of St. St. Sistrai is also the only unbeaten team in front of the front 10 rounds […]

C Ro Ro will again preliminarily. These two games have to be seen, he is expected to break a super-chapter!

Recently, the five major leagues have been temporarily turned off because the next international competition is coming. For C Rona, he has to bring the team again to the European Cup qualifiers, so after dealing with the things of Italy, he returned to Portugal early. In a past Italy, C Luo did not gain the […]

Assist the hat trick! Manchester City core locking Premier Super MVP, Messi Fighting the Golden Games ushered in the strongest opponent

Manchester United troeje Beijing time on February 11th, the 27th round of the Premier Ying ushered in a focus war, and the leader in the leader of the leader, the final blue moon relying on Stirling’s first record and Aguo’s big four happiness, by5-1The big victory, the Hao Yingchao is 13 consecutive victories, and Manchester […]

C Luo Jingji pushes the front Real Madrid coach to take over Manchester United, and once led the team to win the European Union Cup

According to foreign media reports, C-Luo broker Haolh Mentez is promoting Seville’s coach Lope Tri as Mandian Camisetas Mbappecoach. On Saturday, after 1-4 defeated in Waterford with the edge of the downgrade, Sunday, Manchester United announced the dismissal Sorskia. Michael Carlike will temporarily operate the master of Manchester United by the next few games. At […]

"Armor" Messi is a bit angry, because the first show of the home is replaced

Wen / Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter Liu Yi ”The Double Pride” Messi and C Luo have completed the transfer, which became the heavy news of the international football, but in the new east, C Lu Lu is obviously faster than Messi. Messi completed the transfer on August 10, and C Luo completed the […]

41 games 34 goals! Inter Milan "abandoned" Garbi Gore was elected Mr. South American Football On January 1st Beijing Time 31 night, the Uruguay National Daily announced the results of the 2019 South American Football and the best coach. The Flameno Head shooter Garbar maillot de Manchester UnitedGore was elected as 2019 South American Football. According to reports, Gibgore has received 168 votes in 372 judges, with 45% of […]

Can Serbia steadily advanced? European preliminaries Group A group sharing: Ireland VS Serbia

European preliminaries, Ireland faces Serbia. Ireland suffered from Alder after the arrogant, there was no improvement in the state, and there was no improvement in the scene, and it was still a way to play to Portugal. Let the team can’t accept, and in this game, Azerbaijan is still a party of advanced balls, and […]