Paul – Allen once leaving the beloved love team to fund $ 130 million in New Glove

What is the highest realm of a fan? The answer is undoubtedly a team who bought his favorite! This morning, the famous Microsoft Company jointly founder Paul – Allen was died, and he also had an identity of the Seattle Hawk’s super fans and boss.

The love between Allen and Seattle Hawks still said from him, as the Sorghum Seattle people, Allen’s love for the Haiying team can almost be born, and God gave him a chance to realize itself. I don’t want to think about the wish.

In 1996, the Board of the Hawks was not yet, and the team’s financial issues were very bad, and Bolin wanted to refurbish the idea to rely on government fundraising, but when the Seattle Kings decided to be Malinfish When the Haiying Globe Building raised funds, Bolin decided to move the team out of Seattle.

In February, Bolin officially announced that the team will move the team to Anneheim in California, and first move the team’s operation office to Anneheim. During this period, the alliance was encountered by the team to move, in the past two years, Houston lost the oil people, and Cleveland lost the Brown team, and the ram and raids were pulled away from Los Angeles. Therefore, the alliance has issued a huge ticket for Bolin that the team moves back to Seattle, and the fines in him daily, and Bolin even received a death threat from Seattle fans.

Bolin began to consider the sale team, he found the local parliamentary member von-Rick Reic Bauer acts as his ”broker”.

When Bolin is looking for potential buyers, he found that there were not many choices. In the end, Feng-Rickle Bauer locked Paul – Allen. Feng – Rickle Ball successfully uses a set of ”buying the team is your obligation to the Seattle” to determine Allen, after all, Allen does not lack the money. However, Alan has a condition when purchasing the team, the public must first vote and build a new goal, for this, Allen has done a 30-second advertisement to draw.

In the end, the public supports the local government in favor of the local government in favor of the local government, while Allen has funded 130 million yuan.

In this way, the Hawks have been left to Seattle.

It turns out that von-Ricky Ball is still a Passenger, they all made a correct decision. Since I will take over the Hawowk, the Hawk is far from the coach candidate or the draft eye. It gradually gradually agreed to the flagship team from a unmanned fish, the flagship team in NFL, the Hawk at 05 , 13 and 14 season three into the superb bowl and win the 48th super bowl of champion.

The rise of Haiying team also represents NFL development trend from the micro level. After the 1990s, it has become the golden age of NFL development. Nowadays, the 32-employment team is located in the United States, and 65% of the US adults watch NFL competitions, especially in men. 74% of American men are NFL fans. Its international influence is also increasing, in Europe, Mexico, India, Japan and China, also have quantity of fans, based on statistics, 38% of adults around the world are NFL audiences.

The annual final super bowl is also the highest TV show. 15 Years of Haying’s super bowls of the patriots are the highest-rated superb bowl competition, a total of 114 million people watch the event, and their transmission influence can be seen.

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