Pavement frantically paced away from! Patriots activate former first-round running back Mitchell

November 22 News (text / ESPN Mike Reiss compile / Aibo) New England Patriots have to win the race in the past two weeks, while their offense back in time state of the road has become the key to their steady advance and win. Today, on the eve of the game in the first 11 weeks, they welcomed back an important weapon in the attack pavement. It is reported that the Patriots activated from the injured list before the first-round pick running back Sony – Mitchell, and allowed Damian – as number two running back after Harris.

Patriots coach Bill – Biliqieke in an interview on Wednesday expressed optimism about Mitchell’s return, he said the running back is train hard, and promising comeback. Harris led the Patriots in the past two weeks, and under the cover of high-quality offensive line, show a very strong side; and Mitchell’s return will undoubtedly be able to form a rich red ball patriot, in three games this season he completed rushed the ball 26 times, advancing 173 yards 1 touchdown.

After Harris in the team in September to beat the Raiders game to replace the injured Mitchell as number one running back, completed 85 red balls advancing 471 yards 1 touchdown, 5.5 yards rushing yards are very impressive. But his chest and ankle injuries are small, so Mitchell will run with the veteran guard Rex – Burke Hyde, ball-type running back James – White share the pressure with Harris, if necessary, voted rookie JJ – Taylor can also provide some support.

Currently 4 wins and 5 losses the Patriots will be away 2 wins and 7 losses Texans this week, one can imagine that the road must be the Patriots offensive game to occupy a significant percentage of attack. Because the Texans lost the road, averaging 167.4 yards and yards of each file pavement defense lost Size 5.2 yards are the league last first; but the Patriots averaged 161.1 yards rushing yardage ranked third in the league, every file Size 4.8 yards rushing It ranked seventh.

In order to make room for Mitchell, the Patriots released a fourth-year defensive end Derrick – Rivers and second-year guard front Galt – Flo Holder. The team will also linebacker Te Leizi – List of 53 People’s Congress on Huoer Ti, while outside there is a roster of veteran took over the East Point – Moncrieff, he will be injury in the body of former first-round pick external Nigeria Kiel – Harry support. They also signed veteran defensive tackle Akim – Spencer into the training list.