Philadelphia Eagle defensive second-line injury is full of notes or everything is pursuing Jay Ramse

October 4 (Wen / TIM McManus ESPN / Barnore) Before the NFL’s transaction deadline, Jacksonville’s star angle-Jalen Ramsey seems to be the most May change a player in the east.

In the 2019 season’s NFL alliance, which team is most needed to reinforce the position of the angular guard? – That is the Philadelphia Eagle. After experiencing the injury wave in the early season, the defensive second-line of the Philadelphia eagle can be described as scar.

Therefore, this seems that there is an inexplicable fate between the Philadelphia eagle and Jay Ramsea. But in fact, how big is the possibility of Jacksonville American Tiger and Philadelphia Eagle? Let us analyze it together.

Is the Philadelphia eagle interested in Ram?

This is unquestionable. The 24-year-old Jay Ramset is undoubtedly an elite corner. He can make any team’s defensive second line better. Ramsse not only brings sufficient strength, but also has many potential and rising space.

Although Ramsea is a personalized player, from Jay Ajai (Jay Ajayi), Legarrette Blount, we can see it after joining the eagle. The expenses is quite good at using this slightly distant player.



For Philadelphia Eagle, the corner is the position that the team continues to add. Ronald Darby (Ronald Darby), Jalen Mills (Jalen Mills, Foot), Sidney Jones, Legs tendon injury), Aboutemado Schew (Avonte Maddox, neck injury), Cre?n Leblanc, foot injured) is full of injuries

Craig James

Craig James

Healthy Corners Leave only recent signing into the team’s Orlando-Scandrick and Craig James. For the influence of these injuries, the Eagle team was extremely poor in the first four battles in the season – the number of recorded 324 yield column column league is first.

If you have the opportunity to get the front three of the top three of the league, I think the Philadelphia eagle will go all out.

Americas is not interested in trading Ramsse

Since Jay Ramse requests the transaction in mid-September, the Jagi has enough time to assess all quotations. But so far, they have not taken action. If there is anything different, then the Jaguji is more resolutely hopes to leave Ramse.

But the problem is that Ramse is refused to turn around, the player and the team will fall into a embarrassing situation. Because of injuries, children are born, Ramsse did not participate in the team training of Jiranio last week.

At the same time, due to the case of back injury, Ramsea has failed to the game of Dain Buddha Wild Horse in the 4th week. If Ramsee is insisted on trading, this may not agree, this may have some effect on the team’s dressing room, but in terms of the current situation, the position of the American tiger is very resolute.

The chips on the Philadelphia eagle may not be too enough.

Philadelphia eagle must weigh the demand in front of you and the long-term interests of the team. Look at the coupon of the Jaguchi, if there is no two quotes of the first round, they will never consider the lamse.

Although the Philadelphia eagle has become one of Ramsea’s potential, this team is willing to pay two huge considerations such as two first rounds? .

But in general, Howie Roseman, General Manager of Philadelphia, will never give up. Even if you can’t trade Jay Ramse, he can also take his eyes on other excellent corner.

In addition, the eagle has not yet arrived in the mountains. Wednesday, Sidney Jones will resume training, Jay Mills is likely to return in the 7th week, and in the next few weeks, the Eagle can also meet more wounded soldiers, as long as you can trade Find a player who has the ability to serve the top corner guard, the eagle’s defensive second line may return to your life.