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After the 2020 Audi A4L is listed, many friends ask, in addition to the appearance of the interior, what is the upgrade, is it not worth considering?

Say that this generation Audi A4L is listed in 2016, but in the competition between and 3 series, C-class competition, whether it is in a disadvantage, the only advantage is the price, the terminal is 67,000 trident share news discounts make Audi A4L high power version of the price is only two old opponents low power levels.

How can Audi have been sitting on a brand that can only win by a price, so that the medium-term change has seen this 2020 Audi A4L comparable to the big change.

Variations visible in naked eye

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Although there is no big change in the side, it seems that there is no big change, but the changes in the front face and the tail are indeed bright, and the new A4L is more wide and the big mouth is mixed with the fierce look. The battle is a lot, especially the sports version is exposed. Two ”small tiger teeth”, there is a little cute in the fierce.

The car tail combat is not so strong, and the new A6L car end is consistent, although there is no radical face, but it has improved compared to the old.

The interior design has no change, the middle control screen is a lot, the past is 8.3 inches, this time the upgrade is 10.1 inches, Audi uses the big crude border of the airplane runway, plus the display of the display Background, at first glance.

Because the central control screen also supports the touch operation, the Odi family’s landmark MMI big button is canceled, leaving a naked storage tank and several card slots, and the overseas version not only has a piano paint and a flip, you This hard plastic is so hard to expose how much is lost.

Can’t see the changes

Just mentioned that the central control screen supports the touch, canceling the traditional MMI button, because the new A4L is equipped with the latest generation MMI information entertainment system, which is developed for domestic users, seamlessly integrated mobile phones. and service. Not only powerful, but also excellent extension, the key is that the software usage habits of the Chinese are not to know if it will be used as the Android phone.

The few points mentioned above are still small, the upgrade of the driving texture is the biggest highlight of the new A4L. The old A4L is most ill, is full of electronic taste steering and unshaldous, the new A4L changes, absolutely make people think that you are not an A4L.

The front and rear rods were unique to listen to it, and the actual performance is true. The biggest feeling is hard, just like the young guy who willed before and suddenly saw the cool sister paper, excited, but also people Not suitable.

The performance of the face is not like the past, so that everything is very excited, even the engine and gearbox adjustment has become more excited, at any time to listen to the instructions under your feet. Unlike the previous, there is no need to react, heavy and angry, um, now normal.

The new A4L overall driving feeling has improved a lot, at least I experienced this 45 TFSI quattro selection sensation, when the 3 series began to take care of comfort, the new A4L this hard gas is difficult, but only , The ass will protest, after all, the 245/35 ZR19 multiplier resistance P Zero series high-performance tires and alcantara mash chairs, no one can bring you comfort.

It is said that the old model is too gentle, wants to hard, now the new hard, and some miss the temperature, only blame I want (zhe) (TAI) (jian), do not know other versions of A4L Will it be gentle.

In addition to the new upgrade, the next generation changes need to be considered

The new A4L upgrade is really good, saying that the rebellion is a bit exaggerated, but it is indeed wakes up the leader who is half-sleep, and many changes are the old A4L owners will envy.

Some people will say that new is always better than the old, but there is no necessity, but in A4L, it is not necessarily, because the next generation A4L may switch from the MLB assamese news paper today niyomiya barta platform of the engine to the MQB platform of the random engine, these two platforms There is no need to say more, although this may weaken the luxury image of A4L, but this change is expected to save more than $ 1 billion in a product cycle, and how to weigh the Audi.

2020 Audi A4L, do you think the value is not worth considering? I feel that it is not bad, but I don’t have to spend a hurry, the price is so late, if you can’t wait, the price of the old model is really suitable, of course, the brand ”loyal powder” and ”Tu Hao” please casually.

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