Please call him Jordan today! Poolean 28 points +6 remember three points difficult to save Warriors, 81 seconds 11 points too magical!

On December 1st, Beijing time, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition is in the battle. In today’s focus, the Sun team welcomed the challenge of the Warriors. This game is called Mars to hit the earth, the Sun team 16 wins with 17 wins and 2 negative rankings of the 2nd, the Warriors, 7 consecutive victories, 18 wins, 3 negative rankings, 1st!

After 48 minutes of fierce competition, the Warriors were taken at 96: 104 in the road, and 7 consecutive victories were ended, and the position of the first level was replaced by the other party. Although the ball is lost, the Warriors have one person to play very well, he is Pur. The whole game is 35 minutes, 15 shots 9, among which is 12 in three points.

In the first quarter, Poor’s firepower opened, and the single section 7 shot 6, three of the ball 5 in 4 cuts 16 points! The most amazing thing is that 4 minutes and 19 seconds to 2 minutes and 58 seconds before the end of this section, Poole played a crazy 11: 0, he continued to hit three-year-old and a bomb! It is under the leadership of Poor, the Warriors lead the Sun Team 4 points. In the secondary competition, Poor’s hand fell, two shots did not hit, only punished 2 points and 1 rebound 1 steals.

However, after entering section 3, Po will once again, he once again hit the key 3 points, helping the Warriors biting the score, he cut 8 points in this competition, 3 rebounds 3 assists 1 steals 1 cover Performance. One of them, Po will complete the cover in the defensive end, then assisted the little Pedon dunk! In the end of the game, Pur did not usher in the future, only 2 points were 2 points. At that time, the Sun Team had been completely treated, and Poor is also difficult to change the results of the game.

What have you had to say, today Poor’s play has excellent enough, the Warrior team did not win the
game is not his responsibility. After he played such excellent performance, many fans said: Please call him Jordan! This is the greatest approval for Po.