Please teach Chen Yu Ting’s three problems, testing from your heart, or with the wind

At present, the fans who are active on the Internet, and the fans who are willing to participate in the handsome topics are almost 100% people who are supporting Chen Yuting. However, some of them never say reasons, only to support Chen Yu Ting, Chen Yu Ting, and the reason why they discussed also not to say a two or cnn student news host two, which is support. And these people seem to know very little, even if they don’t know, such as knowing that the king is not a lot. So, under normal circumstances, it is necessary to understand all the specific cases of the selection, will they give the reasonable point of view, but those fans who support Chen Yuting are not this set, I don’t know if I don’t know my opponent. In the case, it is beginning to fully support Chen Yuting, and it is necessary to feel some of the ”marketing”, which is ”Marketing”. It is also a statement I just saw. This article is a subjective judgment, pure personal idea, welcome all the fans to come to discuss.

So, seeing my point of view, Chen Yuting’s fans, horses, and worshipeople are definitely unachable, and certainly think that my thoughts are too extreme, some are very vulnerable, some thoughts, some connotation These Feiting fans. Ok, since each fan thinks that he is very understanding Chen Yu Ting, then I will ask a few questions I have always figured out, I hope that Chen Yu Ting’s fans will be enlightened. Here, I am saying first!

The first question, which season is the Hong Kong League champion from Chen Yuting? Of course, this is not what I want to ask, this problem should be known, I am not the fan of Chen Yuting, I can immediately say it, it is 2015-2016 season. Then, why, why, the coach of the Oriental Longgong Club is excellent, the team points are in the standings on the standings, and the club suddenly dismisses him, and then only 28 years old Chen Yuting took responsibility to the primary coach at the end of December, before Chen Yuting did not have the experience of the main coach. So what else, level, concept, these reasons are not established, and there is no feet in the foot. Why is this so? Unreperigible 28-year-old Chen Yuting will suddenly take over the coach of the Oriental Legion Club, and the replacement of the main coach is still so good. Why? I urge Chen Yuting’s supporters to give a reply answer.

The second question, this problem is also looking carefully. The domestic coach Wang Jun led the Chinese women’s football team to rush out of Asia, and cultivated Wang Shuang, Tang Jiali, Wang Shanshan, Tan Ru Yin, Li Mengwen, many stars, Chinese women’s football fans did not understand, and even many fans also asked Wang The army is dry. Chen Yuting led the Chinese women’s football country, and did not rush out of Asia. It did not have the qualifications of the world. However, the results were far less than the king, but they were so reputable, no one did not know, it is called Yulin, and it is Female Pope. This is not scientific, according to the reason, the results are better, the coaching time is longer, or the native Wang Jun’s famous gas should be bigger than her!

And that batch of children, she only took more than three months, Gao Hong has been brought for several years, saying that she is cultivated, no one says that it is a high-red cultivation? There are several potential small team members, such as Shao Ziqin, it is better to Zou Mengyao, such as Wang Qianqian, saying that Chen Yu Ting discovered cultivated, why ignored the role of high red? The problem is coming, please call Chen Yu Ting’s fans to touch the conscience, you support her because she knows because of her game, or because of her influence, she has become her fan with the rhythm of the public? Touching a conscience to answer, if it is because of love watching the game, then I don’t know the king army with better grades? Why is the result of the efforts of high red a few years, in your eyes?

In the third question, I asked Chen Yu Ting’s fans. You have a few people who are seriously investigated, and the details of these five candidates have been queried? This problem is simple. Some people say that Chen Yu Ting is high, then which professional is her master’s large wwe figures degree? Say her achievements, this is the core of the third question, is her achievement? And Wang Jun is better than the proportion, see who is good. Do you know why she resigned in the Oriental Dragon Lion Club? If it is really so high, it doesn’t hire her hometown, but the main coach of the Hong Kong women’s football team? Hong Kong women’s footsteps in Asia, but even the qualifications of the Asian Cup are eligible. They need to improve their results, why don’t you appoint Hong Kong people Chen Yu Ting for the main coaches of Hong Kong women’s football team? Hong Kong juvenile team, Hong Kong youth team, Hong Kong women’s football team did not let her be a master coach, is this? Certainly not because of high levels. Who can say this is why?

Three questions, please ask the best of Chen Yu Ting’s fans to answer me questions, today live samachar thank you very much, you can let me know more about some of the ability to learn from this abroad. There are still many people who are in front of the article, accusing that I think Chen Yuting is not as good as Wang Junqiang, is to degrade Chen Yu Ting, then you think Chen Yu Ting is worse than Wang Jun, Liu Huada is strong, is it degraded Wang Jun and Liu Huada? Welcome everyone to come to discuss, welcome everyone to come to debate, I wish China’s female footages can choose the most suitable head of coach.