Pony Hao can throw out 100 yards in Mexico City: "Because here is high altitude"

Remember the ”vegetable field” of the Aztek Stadium in Mexico City? The situation of bad sites has led to the peak of the Mexican Same Emirates and the Rushing Master Los Angeles. But this situation does not allow the Mexican competition in this abortion. In this season, the Kansas Emirates will be with another team flashing team from Los Angeles to the city of Mexico City in November. Divide. The firepower of the offensive group of the two sides belongs to the upstream of the League, and the star of the Emirates is more confident. He believes that the ”land” of Mexico City can help him complete more fried attacks.

In a network show, when I was asked to throw the ball in the Aztek Stadium, Mahmus replied confidently: ”About 100 yards.” This answer is obviously incredible, facing everyone Mock up, Mahmos still does not move, he firmly believes in the ball of 100 yards in Mexico, and gives his theoretical basis. ”Yes, I can throw 80 to 83 yards in Denver away; then you need to add another data on this data, because the altitude of the sea is high, nearly 2 miles,” Mahms passed ”The Kansas City Star” explains, ”I can pass the 20 yards of it.”

However, the memory of Mahms is not as accurate; in fact, the Aztek Stadium is located at 7280 feet (about 2220 meters) at sea level, and the main scene of Denver Mangma is located at sea level 5280 feet (about 1600 meters). . The high level is not as obvious, but affirmed that he can throw the ball farther in Mexico City. This is scientific basis. Because the higher the position of the sea level is thin, the air resistance is relatively reduced, so in the same way, the flight distance of the ball will be correspondingly long in the same sea level. The Coloradoliji team from the American Baseball Grand League is a great example. This team has always been a title of ”Beener Paradise, Pitcher Cemetery” because of the high altitude area. The state can think of such a theory is not surprising.

Mahmus came out of 50 times in the last season, and after the Shuangyian MVP and the best offensive player, people will naturally care about the performance of him this season. When he was asked to the new season, how many times did it change to the pass, Mahmos did not give a specific number, and his answer is very clear. ”Sufficient to win the number of super bowls,” he said, ”How many times have you needed to get over the super bowl, how many times I have passed, this will be very can’t afford it.”

It is worth mentioning that, in front, Mahmus and another four-point Swan Alang, I met the match of the game. If they want to make a more beautiful, consider this pair in Mexico City. Of course, Mahms so-called ”100 yards” said that he is just a head, he certainly does not bart his opponent with a flying 100 yard, for the offensive group of the Emirates, they have more The way can not be advanced. However, there is no absolute thing, assuming that the Emirates fall behind, the last attack should be carried out from the 20 yards of this part, then you may really see Mahms here to show his inverse The sky is … and leave this poisonous milk.