Positive negative value +33! Lakers teen 22 points, only 18 million Pei, I will always make big.

The NBA regular season continues, the Lakers 117-92 Dasheng Kings completed the revenge, and the Lakers replays them again. In the audience, he replaced 32 minutes, 16 shots 8 bodies 4 assists, the positive and negative value reached the exaggeration +33, once again contributed to the Lakers.

When 5 days ago and the King team made a good performance. That game, he got 20 points https://www.maillotbasket6.com and 5 rebounds 3 assists in 11. Although the Lakers reported that the excellent play of Monk is not to https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com cover.

This time, James is unable to play, Davis and Westbrook lead the Lakers to impact the Kings. As an important member of the replacement, Mum can also play a high level of performance again, contributing many firepower for the Lakers.

Especially the three-pointers, Mum Ku 10 shots, just a three-pointer got 18 points. It is worth mentioning that when the last time and the king of the team, he three-pointers 7 shots 4, and the three-year-old manifestations are equally excellent.

As a 1.91-meter short score, Monk’s confrontation and power is relatively poor, and it is easy to be in a disadvantage in the defensive end. But his strength is to attack and chaos, this three-pointer in the last season reached 40.1%, and the two three-poke young guards in the game. Although the three-pointer in the Lakers this season https://www.nbatrikots4.com is not as good as last season, But it is still a three-pointer in some games. In the face of the Kings, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Momb proved himself.

Unbelievable is that the 23-year-old teenager is only $ 1.8 million this season. The Lakers’ old Total Pelin Card used such a low-cost contract, even a contract that was more than the old holiday, this has been a young guard who has taken the main rotation in the Hornets in the Hornets, and now it is true. .