Prescott week night game played in doubt Cowboys backup quarterback or usher in his first starting

According to ESPN news, the Dallas Cowboys will determine the day of the week in the team’s quarterback Nasdaq – Prescott whether debut night race.

Prescott is October 17 from wounds. Face the New England Patriots, he strained a calf when he heard the winning touchdown. Thursday injury report cowboy, the possibility to participate in Prescott Sunday Night race doubtful. He did not debut this week to participate in the exercise group attack, but he was involved in the whole process of training all the team.

Thursday interview, Prescott said he wanted to play, but the decision is not entirely in his hands. He played or not, not only to listen to his wishes, but also refer to Britt, director of rehabilitation teams – Brown’s comments. After Prescott dislocated right ankle fracture and right latissimus dorsi strain, Brown helped him recover race. Thus Brown knows best physical condition Prescott.

Although Prescott would like to participate in the competition, but by his own admission, the decision needs to be made based on the best choice for the entire season. Cowboys won five successive games, sit tight in the top spot in the NL East, but they are currently ranked in the rankings of the National League record fourth, behind the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (and they lost in the season opener Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Arizona Cardinals.

Friday, Cowboys coach Mike – McCarthy said Thursday in Prescott very hard rehabilitation training, after training he felt sore muscles.

”Obviously it hit the seventh game of the season, there are a lot of games to play. This is one aspect of our consideration. We will give him enough time to get everything he wants to know this.”

If Prescott does not play, then the Cowboys Sunday Night race will be the starting quarterback Cooper – Rush. This is the first start of his career. If Prescott debut, then a large list of game where there will be three Cowboys quarterback.

This week, the Cowboys training in Rush as the starting quarterback involved. His career total of only three passes, there is no stage had from his rookie season in the NFL after the game.