Qujing Sanyi "Air Football Field" cultivates the park of children’s football interest

Changzhou Ling, the third kindergarten garden in Qujing City, ”In order to give children a happy childhood, adhere to health first, deepen sports reform, to enhance children’s physique, cultivate healthy and happy children, with football as carrier, popularization Football knowledge and skills make children get a lifelong movement method. ”From last year, the times of india live updates kindergarten has opened a football activity class, specializing in the coach, middle class and class children to have a 40-minute football lesson. The football class is not a traditional football class, but the football www google samachar in hindi game is integrated with education. School and coach in the development of teaching programs, follow the characteristics and education laws of young children, let children enjoy football fun, adhere to the game-based activities, flexible use of collective, group and personal activities, etc., let the children in activities By personal experience, direct perception, practice to perform football games. ”Soccer games to cultivate children’s football interest, create a good football culture atmosphere, while carrying out rich and diverse, suitable for all kinds of physical activities of childhood age, encourage children to run, drill, throw, what is today’s news in india shooting, letting children We have fun in football activities, cultivate interest, enhance physical fitness, improve personality, and promote the ”football spirit” to the child’s growth, promote dd new the comprehensive development of young children. ”Zhou Ling said.