Rams re-set the impact of the Super Bowl array ho! One-year contract to get the former star wide receiver David Beckham Brown

Two days ago, Cleveland Browns outside the star wide receiver Odell small – David Beckham officially became a free agent, and now he’s a free agent career is over. The difference is that with the previous rumors, outside the ”Player” of three Pro Bowl took over and did not join the chiefs or the Packers, but chose the Los Angeles Rams. Rams officially announced that it has signed a one-year deal with David Beckham.

After Becco joined, the odds of all the quiz of the ram were slightly declined, and there was no doubt that the joining of this star took over the team’s strength increased. Currently Rams record of 7 wins and 2 losses, 1 games behind the Cardinals ranked second in the National League West. But before the trade deadline, they just trade from the Broncos to the star red setter Feng – Miller, who will play 49 games in its debut week; in addition ram array of defensive anchor also includes 3rd Annual defensive player winner Aaron – Donald Union and most expensive cornerback Jalen – Ramsey.

While defensive groups, while the bubbel’s joining makes the ram offensive group are also extremely luxurious. At present, the team’s ball team has a thousand Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, and Robert – Woods, Van – Jackson and the near-end Thaille – Sigby, these 3 people completed 107 shots 1313 yards advanced and 9 times. The probability of Beckham’s role is that rectification De De Enhan is a far-reaching range of combat weapons, which is comparable to him in Brown.

As an exterior of the 3rd occupational bowls, Beckham received only 17 times in 6 games this season, he was driven by 232 yards, after the transaction deadline, he was blocked by Brown. In the 29 game of Brown, he was aimed at 210 times to receive 114 balls to promote 1586 yards, 7 times. This is a big appearance in the giant period. It is necessary to know that he has 1100 yards in the 5 years in the giant. In 2015, he completed 96 games to promote 1450 yards 13 times. Data, playing a career year.

However, in recent years, Xiaobei has been fighting with the injury. In 2017, he missed most of the competition due to an ankle surgery. After Brown’s first season, he accepted core muscle surgery. In 2020, he had a top ten ligament torn. His nearest injury was lost in the sixth week of this season, and he was injured in his shoulder. However, the 29-year-old star has still hopes that he is the best, and after coming to Los Angeles, his ”brother” also expressed his welcome – LeBron James.

Of course, Xiaobei wants to get fans in the ram, and it is necessary to contribute to the court. And the ram frequently shot in the season, the season goals have not been self-sufficient – impact superbals.