Ramsea is suspected to say goodbye: I will definitely miss me.

Jacksonville America Tiger This year is not good. They killed the United States last season. This season took the new journey with the desire of the super bowl. After the victory of the Indianapolis 3-6 last Sunday, the Jenan Tiger’s record came to 3-6, and the number of counts in the United States of America is very embarrassing.

When a long time is over, the team star angle is just a bit of talking. He has been coming to the alliance four-point guard, and then The patriot is provoked in front of Gronoski. However, as the team’s record is getting worse, Ramse has become quiet in October and November. The eighth week of defeat from the London of the United Kingdom, the American Tiger ushered in the ninth week, after this week lost to Pony, Ramsse no longer kept silence. He expressed his dissatisfaction in this week. ”You will think of me.” of!”

”When I left here, you will definitely miss me, I have not joked.” Ramse wrote in Twitter.

3-6 The record is a nightmare for a big expectation in front of a season. At present, the Jirajo suffered a 5-game defeat, Ramsea has suffered great pressure during this time. Perhaps the fans prefer the Ramse that has something to say, do not like him to play a mutter. Ramse is still in a rookie contract, which is his third NFL season, the contract will expire in 2020. The Jasper can of course perform the fifth year contract option on the basis of his rookie, unless some incredible things. If this paragraph of Ramse is understood as a star player’s transaction request, the timing is not ideal. In the fast-paced NFL, the player transfer is very common, but the Jaguji may not be interested in latch, even after Ramsea, I want a big contract.

In addition to the talented person in the stadium, the exaggerated personality has won many fans, even in this way, the team’s record is not true, there is nothing more than the failure They were frustrated. Compared with the previous two years, Ramsea in this season also struggled in the team’s nightmare, perhaps his tweese did not have any special meaning, just in the party, it was ridiculed after a counterattack. .

In addition, Ramsea may also pursue his own NHL career. His snap-in period can play NFL in two weeks in ice, just in last week, he also traveled to Nashville’s live experience. The first time in life. Ramsse mysterious tweet makes fans who are not afraid. If he is frustrated to the Americas Tiger, then he may have to disappointed a while, after all, not everyone can accept the finals of the season. .

However, if the words come back, if the American tiger can rebound in the lower half, our discussion now is meaningless.

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