REAG HYT and the front of the front crow an external regeneration contradictory floor?This time they use cards to win

Why is the two people who will make each other’s family so nervous?Things have to be traced back to 3 years ago, that is Taribu is still in the wilderness, and Kraport is effective for the raid team, and the two are in the United States, so I have to meet twice each season.In a game in the 2016 season, Taribab pulled the gold necklace wearing Kraport from his neck in a defensive, irritated Clabati, and the two sanctive.And this festival came again in the 2017 season, it looked at the chain of Clabati, in the 2017 dialogue in 2017, Taribi once again chainI pulled down, this time, the two sides directly led to the fists on the ground.If it is not 2018 Talib to go to the ram, and Clagot is transferred to the crow, maybe the contradictions of the two will be upgraded.