Realistic Real Gold Silver – Mature European and American Football Professional Club’s Food and "Night Grass":Indian news

The previous period has said a team from Qian Jun to the adult team! Let’s take a look at how routine income is ”family meal” and hole income, that is, ”Night Grass” is Football Shirts Wholesale divided.

Typically, take the most mature England Soccer Super League as an example, which is all of the Jurisdiction to England Football Professional Alliance. Although the organization is attached to the English and Football, but grasping its core interests – league payments. Every year, the Alliance sells 20 Yingshi Teams (the 4-level league in the British Crown and the following collapses) to a family consortium, such as the Barclays, which is well known. Then, the transfer of the transfer rights will be sold to the British domestic and overseas continents. The latest data shows that the new international demands signed since March 22 have been sold to 14 billion US dollars in March 200, and China’s seventh sector is a 10.8 million US dollars. As far as the geographical division, except for the British local, traditional viewing large-scale households are still high and better, and the growth rate of North America continues to lead, South American growth exceeds Europe, The attention of the latter area is declining and the gravity speed is obvious.

At the same time, the Alliance has the right to share the stadium tickets, stadium title rights, competition revenue, and billboard sponsorship, etc. (Similar to the club’s sketching, the participation fees) have received a large part of the final income at the end of the season from the new distribution of the newly distributed. (As the saying goes is a bonus)

For example, in the 20-21 season, the first Manchester City has got up to 16.3 billion pounds, and Manchester United, got a 1.61 billion, then Liverpool 159 million, the fourth place of Chelsea 15.7 million. Xie Fi, who died, also got a bonus of 12.5 billion pounds, and the three other unfortunate teams got, 131 million. With this type, the difference between each team is between 2-3 million pounds. This is really a real gold league – you know that you will know the final winning bonus in Madrid last season than 75 million pounds. Only this, the gap between the two leagues is clear.

The direct returns of this kind of ”big pot” policy are actually those small and medium-sized clubs. They don’t have a high-level commercial sponsorship and top ticket price similar to Manchester City, so it is more dependent on its support. For example, the Summer Premier League Overseas Challenge will arrange a few mid-tour teams. For example, Vella, Westernham, Burunley, including a good thermal thorn, will be registered from time to time. This challenge is like the ”International Champion Cup” of Manchester City — can also be called ”The Awards Tour” in income mode! The organizer undertakes the appearance fee, the team is coming from food, if there is a last champion, there is a million pound bonus and business propaganda. (For example, the epidemic premium Asian Cup 2019 champion bonus is 1.5 million pounds, the remaining 2.5 million fares of the third team) Business sponial is of course responsible for the unified Subscriber such as Barclays or Soccer Jersey Discount other undertakings, such as Budweiser beer! Or Singapore, Malaysia, a local consortium in Hong Kong is paid to obtain a wide range of business and social benefits. The appearance fees of the various sectors of the World Series in the World Series of the Giants Club are even more impost, only from the audience at the scene of the scene. At the same time, commercial promotion after the game is also an important ”gold project” in every trip of the club. Those who have a high-profile star, such as Debron, Benzaba, C Luo, and its personal or representative club (partitioned in the contract, both parties in the contract), to attend the activities, is sufficient to be ignorant.

Speaking of money distribution, the Lionel messi Jersey warm-up match, business competition, ordinary players and big players at the beginning of each season are also unfair, this depends on the energy of their brokers! For example, Baga and McComina’s appearance income naturally do not wait. The Frenchman will have a final time limit, this is called ”hole”, and Mike will have, but because of the name, the organizer will not have special requirements! Most of their rewards rely on the reward club according to the amount ratio (generally not high) (generally not high), and most of the income is the income of the team! In other words, this is called the player’s obligation to the east! ”Daily Mirror” has reported that Manchester United’s commercial appearance fee reaches 3.25 million pounds per game, counting the surrounding promotion around 4 million. This is used to pay the player’s Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey appearance fee of about 60%. (Belcks and Travel Business Organizations)

As for other technical tactics, the strong warm-up match usually does not appear! But the club will bear other losses brought by players. For example, Bagba, McComena lies in the warm-up match, salary is to take! As for the official competition of the player, the exhibition fee and the bonus have signed the contract, the salary is on week, the scene fee is monthly, the bonus is the end of the season to pay according to the contract corresponding to the results. For example, Borga, if you get the championship, how much is it for you, get how much bonus for you will give you the next season Champion League. These are all conventional, Mbappé Jersey that is, the so-called ”first salary, bonuses and appearance fees, training subsidies later unified time settlement”

(Note: There are also exceptions, such as Leicester miracle a few years ago, and finally the boss family pays and commercial sponsors together to reward the championship team, the club’s bonus expenditure has not increased)

In the next period, we will explore the game with commercial sponsorship giants, and the players. I am a sports and entertainment observation, the code is not easy, please take care!