Red Socks and Bates reached 200 million salary agreements to avoid salary arbitration to sign in advance

MLB awareness of the Hongdi team, was signed with the family’s owner, Muqi-Bates (MOOKIE BETTS), and the last season increased $ 9.5 million), broke the second year. The contract records signed by the arbitration qualification, after a few hours, this record was rewritten by the Jacob de Grom-Degrom (Jacob Degrom).

What is the salary arbitration?

MLB salary arbitration is a special labor dispute solution, not all players are eligible, there must be limited conditions, in general, players under the Great Alliance for more than three years, for the team’s second year Sales that are not satisfied with the salary can make salary, avoiding the team press.

Of course, it is more favorable from the team to make a salary punch to make the team and players. From the results, most of them are more beneficial to the team, if not top players are generally unable to apply for salary arbitration. Usually the team and players have proposed a price they can accept, the arbitration hearing will make the reason, the final result will be considered according to the player’s pitch, hit, off-board, of course, will also refer to the same level player in the big alliance Salary.

After the salary arbitration, both parties of labor have to accept, in general, the players who have proposed salary arbitration will be about 100 people each year.

In the history of the Red Sox, there was a dispute with ”old” David – Otz, Otz originally priced for 1 year $ 16 million, but the red socks are only willing to pay 12 million US dollars, the two sides are not small. The gap, but the hour before the hour of hearing, the red socks and Otitz have finally reached a 1.45.75 million US $ 1,45.75 million.

Bates have a payment of $ 19.05 million in 3 years.

In the 2018 season, I used to be a leader, Bates is the absolute hero of Boston, but not only helps red socks to win the 108th wins of the creation of the creation of the creation. In the playoffs, they have repeatedly dedicated the goddess performance to stand for the team. The sweating horse work, and the salary is also reasonable. Bedz came to 136 times, handed over. 346 / .438 / .640 hit three-dimensional, also slammed 32, horn, 30 pirates, all the above is a new high, and 82 points, and finally MVP.



Beze Review last year, Bates were divided with red socks because of the salary problems, Bates’ salary was only $ 950,000, but because of its top performance, it is required to rise to $ 10.5 million, and the team can only To provide $ 7.5 million, the two sides have always talked about the arbitration court, and finally Bates won the victory, and signed a $ 10.5 million contract, and Bates had already proved that it has money.

This year’s red socks in order to avoid unhappiness, they directly provide a 1 year of $ 20 million contracts. The two sides did not take the salary arbitration. After signing the contract, Bates also expressed their gratitude to the team in the individual social media. It has risen nearly 20 million US dollars in 3 years, and Bates also earned a lot of

Social media means thank you

Social media means thank you

”Today’s US” columnist pointed out that Bates did not follow the red socks next year, and his salary arbitration is expected to exceed $ 30 million.

Records only last few hours of metropolitan pitcher salary 9.6 million US dollars

After Bates and Sapphire Signing a new contract created the record of the second year, after the payment of the salary arbitration, the Metropolitan team signed a contract with the team, and he accepted 17 million teams. The price of the US dollar, salary 9.6 million US dollars, last year his annual salary of $ 7.4 million.

The 30-year-old Degrom was in 32 games in the season, and 10 wins and 9 losses. Record.