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Chapter 16

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, half of the sun has been blocked by the mountain, and the ground on the court also exudes the remaining temperate that is baked. The staff is not careful to sprinkle a beach water, not a few minutes. The evaporated shadow invisible.

The students who look at the two teams are also very prosperous. I have a laughter, holding a variety of refueling props, there is a small speaker bought, there is a drink bottle of my own drink bottle. We also put a big drum in front of the seven or eight strongmen here, and it is a good fortune.

On the court, the players who wear different numbers have also been sweaty, compared to the new ball! The player has a little different in the momentum.

The school Liu Zhengyi, etc. After the leaders landed, the Liu Zhengzheng Committee also saw that the difference between the two teams, the heads of the unstopted place were recognized, and the director of Lu Lu was a little bit of little, this also provoke the leaders of the three series very angry, and the two sides are sitting in Liu The political commissar is not to accept anyone, starting a lip gun, the atmosphere is quite hot, it seems that the two are old opponents.

”The two players returned, began to enter the field!” Seeing the leadership of the cold, the record station began to work.

For the old players who have participated in many official competitions, these are all used. But in such a view, I will continue to speed up, and the hands and feet are cold, so I have a long breath to ease the tight emotions, so that the blood will speed up the end.

Just when I feel the atmosphere before the war, the record station shouted me: ”The five teams No. 9, Ye Mei.” I ran to the place, looked up to the audience, just right with her, I don’t consciously Hand of her finger, who knows the ambiguity, misunderstanding this action, causing drums, and the Lala team on the table began to instise. I laughed with her, she laughed, I believe she understands me: I am willing to fight for you!

The competition officially started, the professional referee is very strict for the opening of the fourth rules, and the player will not keep up with the player in the field, usually, it will also make an incorrect move, so I will choose breakthrough in the game. Fanquet.

After the Qi Yaochen was fighting the ball, I accelerated the defenders who broke through the upper line without timely, I was inserted in the middle of the road. After the anti-fouling of the anti-foul, I changed the basket, and the ball in the basket. The frame is turned two laps and slowly fell into the ball.

”Beep”, the referee whistle: ”Two points are effective, plus one punishment!”

Then, the drums, horn, and jar of the jar are deafening. Ah, this is really a long-lost feeling!

On the penalty line, I have a penalty in my hollow penalty. I will take it again on the stand. When I go back to prevent, I saw that He Tianpeng stood on the stage and shouted: ”Ye Munfei!” Subsequently, the team members shouted together Road: ”Come on, come on!”

The captain of the district of the standstight also rushed to me, and I stretched out of the fist to the five teams of the five teams. After another upgrade, this move made the leader opposite the standing desk was also interested.

It is not the first to participate in this level of competition, soon the opponent is also color, use the shutdown to pull out the space, the middle-cast score, at this time, the Bala Lead of the eight team is also a timely give himself a player shouting.

On the field, the player was sold, and I put two three points in a row, and organized to break through the Ball Assistance Fu Bo and Zheng Yupeng score, Qi Yaochen and Jiang Feng have frequently played in the rebound and basket. The opponent center is also very tough, and it has been played in a row, and the rest of the players have stepped up to form a fast attack. The drop-down pull team is also finally fighted after the player goes back, no one will let anyone. In this way, after half, the two teams have become 28 flat.

When I was resting in the middle, I sat on the side of the watch. I drank mineral water. The sweat was like a faucet that was not touched by the lower ground. The intensity of the game was too large. My body can support it, Jiang Yang and Zheng Hao Two big efforts are not temporarily needed to rest first, and it can be on the game later. I have a side of the other side, watching the five starters still have a dragon, and suddenly feel the pressure of the mountain.

At the beginning of the second half, the other party also changed two people, and the players on both sides were still not adapted to the game. The two sides of the offensive rhythm were not very fast, mainly in the position. This can suffer from Qi Yaochen, one person has to grab the board, and it is necessary to attack it, tired. Zheng Yupeng took a break, and the medium-standing is weak. I have passed the ball to the hands of Qi Yao morning. When this brother is going back, I will tell me many times: ”Fei brother, you also invest it, I can’t grab the board, I really don’t move the little child, too strong, you can’t be a sheep, you can’t be a sheep! ”

And after I follow Four Bo, I said: ”Can you get more, you still have to rely on you! Not we don’t want to cast, you don’t look at the opponent’s personal anti-tightness, just like dog skin plaster, Where to spend it, if you take a shot, you can’t change it! ”

In this way, the second half, the score is still rubbing. This is unexpected, Fu Bo is at a time to return to the fast attack, the first lineup is more unfinished. Haoquan, which is also better, is a force, after all, is a troops, the psychological quality is hard, and the game has not lived up to my assists, and it has been split in the middle of the consecutive.

In the last five minutes, we changed
in Jiang University and Zheng Yugong. Haoquan disassembles the space in the three-point line, and I don’t have soft, three points.

At this time, He Tianpeng rushed again, commanding the Lara team and shouting, the five teams cheered, the warm atmosphere arrived at the top, the group was excited! The opponent’s defender did not show weakness, turned to return to a three-point, poured the passion of the Lara team and poured it, but provoke the Quea team of the eight team is also a wind and waves, and the two sides are going to make each other, let the leadership of the leader The battle is also an upgraded.

Time is only less than half a minute, the two sides score 49 flat, the other side guards hold the ball frontcourt, an acceleration gets rid of Haoquan’s defense, the inner line of Jiangyang is killed by the opponent’s center, and cannot be repaired. I also gambling, gambling this kid won’t pass, rushed over and jumped. He really didn’t pass, a strong big hat took the rack in the rebound, Qi Yao Chen high jumped up and grab the rebound. I am taking the time to start the fast attack, and I will lead the gods in the morning, and the big hand will go straight to the half.

”Block him soon!” This sentence is not called the player on the court, but he is sitting in the leadership of the leader of the three series, it seems that this brother is anxious!

”I want to stop me, there is no door!” I shouted in my mouth, faster, the ball just flew half, was received. One looks up, I rely, go back, I have two people who have come up, one person is born to prevent me, and another person stands in front of the three seconds. Warranty. I didn’t go back to the other side, I pulled the opponent twice in a row, and then a turn broke through the first defense. The defenders also had experience. They didn’t rush forward. I dare to act rashly. I have a three-step basket, and I will see it in the same time, holding the ball and fallen, and I jumped on the basket with the next moment. After the ball, the game of the finals also sounded.

”Oh, we won!” The players rushed into the stadium and was excited, and the gods dropped the speakers, bottles and drums not to blow, beat. Director of the leadership seats, and did not know when they stood behind the captain and the instructor’s face. It is also very enjoyable to see that several hospital leaders are also estimated that they have never thought of seeing such a wonderful game. After a while, the leaders of the hospital gave a good evaluation of the two new teams, and they encouraged our captain and instructor, don’t have any baggage, boldly manage, the matter is nothing more about them. Got the highest head of affirmation, the team leader and the stones in the hearts of the team were also falling.

After the leadership of the hospital, the captain announced that the meeting tonight and took a day later. I rely on, or this is more exciting, this is called a shout than the goal!

The Lala is almost the same, there are only a few new students who have been closed, listening to the contest that they are so high, and a burst of comfort. I played a whole game, I sat on the ground, I took a picture of Haoquan, I took a fist with the same can’t move, and I put it again, I barely support my body, and then look up again. Look at the blue sky of a list, think about the hardship of the strand, I have a good breath, enjoy the calm after the joy, and I am saying a sentence to the two: ”Buddy, really comfortable!”

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