Robust girl Herry Daviao is born with rare disease MLB to help it achieve 30 teams

A year ago, this world met Hailey Dawson, a young girl who loves life and baseball, a girl with a 3D print right hand. At that time, she said that her goal was to use her 3D printed right hand to kick at each big alliance. And the past 12 months, after the thirtieth and the last play, the eight-year-old little girl completed her ”thirty court trip”.

Hai Li-Dao Sen karsak in the Jinyu Stadium, she also said that she is the same as her father, and it is also a fans of Jinyan.

Hai Li-Dao Sen karsak in the Jinyu Stadium, she also said that she is the same as her father, and it is also a fans of Jinyan.

Born in Henderson, Nevada, Xiao Haili suffered from Poland syndrome, which caused her right hand development. However, she did not let this congenital defect dragged her life. In 2015, Haili family began to develop with the Nevada University School of Engineering, designed and 3D printing out for her hand to make her finish, and the operation. ”This is really great,” said Jim Abbott, Jim Abbott, who is on the angel team. ”Her deeds will let those children who are disabilities know that when using the limbs, you can do anything you want to do. I like her message, I like her spirit and vitality, I am also very Happy to participate in her meaning of this meaning. ”

Before the game, Haili said that this ”thirty course trip” is really a lady. ”This is a bit of bitterness,” Hai Li’s mother, Yang – Dunson, said. ”We are very excited. This journey is successful, but it is hard to draw a fiction. We are already in the journey.”

Haili casts the thirtieth of this journey, just before the Angel Stadium, the Los Angeles angel, who was visiting the Seattle sailor game. Haili has opened twenty-nine times in other twenty-nine stadiums, but this thirtieth, it is very special. Indeed, this is the last goal that she completed this journey, but this is not the most special reason; it is indeed, the angel team is Mike Trout, but this is not the most special reason. The special place for the kick is because she kicks next to Jim Abburt. How do Abbot? The left pitcher was in the big alliance for ten seasons – there is no right hand in a birth. The appearance of this fighter made this kicking more significant.

Haili is born with Poland syndrome, a rare birth defect that will cause muscle development in the body. In this case, this condition caused her right hand failed to completely develop, her right hand only had little finger and thumb, and the three fingers in the middle did not exist. An ordinary price limb price can make people look down. Haili’s mother rushed to tell the US famous technology website Mashable she saw an article on Facebook to explain how to make the limb through the latest 3D printing technology, which will lead to the price of the traditional limb market. So Yang contacts the Nevada University School to ask for help, and Nevad University Institute of Engineering is very generous to provide assistance to Xiao Hai Li’s ”print” is a right hand that belongs to her, and a right hand that can be picked.

As this is in the angel’s court, Hailley has created extraordinary. This is not just a successful ending of her ”thirty courses”, but also a reached a record of the ancient record – before Haili, there have been no one to drive the ball in all the team.

Before this great journey was started a year ago, Haishi said she wants to tell people ”If I can do it, then you must be.” Now her dream is achieved, she brings this message to it. Tens of thousands of people and 30 teams of teams. And Xiao Haili and her mother now have a farther plan: they want to use their online communities to let more and more people understand the limbs of these prices, but also people need people to get Pipes to buy these limbs.

Haili’s father Greg Dawson has grown in Maryland and thus becoming a dead flourish. Therefore, this journey started from the home of the golden team. After that, the invitation from the Washington National Team is followed, and her story is published in a well-known sports forum Bleacher Report, I want to say the brave little girl who wants to win in the home of all the team. More known.

This short film has attracted the attention of other twenty-eight teams, so Hai Li’s plan has a rapid progress, and all teams queues invite her to complete her dreams. She even invited the World Competition in 2017. The fourth war is in the home of the champion of the Houston Space team. ”Jinjian team was once our favorite team, but after this whole journey, now I don’t have a specific favorite team now.” Yang said. ”Now we support all different players we meet on the road, we also like all the teams.”

DaoSen family hopes that Xiao Hai Li’s story can cause the society to pay attention to Poland syndrome, and you can let more people who have the same troubles, they will be able to get in the future. 3D printing limbs give them children. .