Rocket Thunder 4th! 4 people in Hugh City lack, US media predict Tes to return to the first? Or group double tower

The rockets have the most opponents in the Russian Hall, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the two sides have already had three dialogues, and the rockets 2 wins and 1 loss, tomorrow morning is 9:00 on December 2nd, The Rockets will go to the away and the Thunder team. The 4th conformation of this season, the season just finished 1/4, the scene of the Rockets and the Thunder is https://www.maillotbasket6.comreally enough, after the game is finished, this season rocket thunder will not Hand in hand – unless the two teams enter the playoffs, this is unlikely.

The status of the Rockets is obviously better,
although Jay Green is lacking in the game with the bull, but smallport, Wood, Matthews, etc., the Rockets take the Thunder in the home, this time I went to the Thunder. The ”4th game” of the two teams at home is still very large. NBA reporter Golden – Matthew also gives the prospective and forecast of this game, let’s take a look.

The reporter said that the Rockets have spent a week, and they also hope to continue to win in the next game. However, the Rockets are now in trouble. In addition to the Jaylin’s legs, the Rockets’ point guard DJ-Augustine will not be able to play due to health and security agreements. In addition, the internal front of the Forwarded forward from the Development Union, Ushman – Garba’s right legs, and he did not appear in this game.

In addition, Wall is still unable to play. In other words, 4 players will not be played in this game in 17 people in the Rockets. The Thunder is also almost the same. Ms right ankle is injured.

The reporter gave his forecast for the next Rockets, strangely, he did not put Garry-Matthews to put the starting lineup, but in turn of the Snow That Once again, I put back the starting lineup, that is, in this reporter, the Rocket’s first is: small port, Gordon, Tit, Wood and Tes, Tats and Wood have composed of ”double Tower.

But as we look, Sierras will not easily change the first winning start, Matthews should replace Tes to become the first, the most likely starting of the Rockets should be: small port, Matthewas, Gog Deng, Tate and Wood.

The other side of the Thunder is: Alexander, Josh-Giti, Dort, Betzley and Earl. If the game Thunder is unable to limit the core of the Burt and Wood of Wood, even if they fight at home, it is difficult to block the Rockets to take a victory.