Rogers half a fertile 37-20 wins packaging work advance into the super bowl

At 7:40 on January 20, Beijing was held in the Bay Area. Regular Tesco’s first San Francisco 49 people hosted the Warring States to the second green bay packaging worker. The two teams have been played once in the regular season. At that time, 49 people hit the package in 37-8. Nowadays, in the national contest, 49 people run Wei Sihim – MOST played outstanding, and repeatedly defeated the line of fire. Finally, 49 people easily defeated the packaging and entered the super bowl with 37-20.

With the fall of the national contest, the superb bowl is determined. The United States was killed by MVP Mahms, the Kansas City chief challenged the San Francisco this season. On February 3, both sides will fight Miami.


49 people ran to Sirahm Most on the game played outstanding, 29 running balls in the audience, won 220 yards and 4 times.

Packagers and 49 people have handed over 68 people in history, and the package workers dominate with 36 wins and 31 negatives.

Wonderful review

The two teams discarded once after the game started, and the 49 people debut were started to play power. The four-point guardian-Garobolo is the first time in the first quarter. The long-circled connected Dubbo-Samir came to the packaging work. Run Werahim – Most takes the ball directly from the 36-yard straight packaging work area, gets up to 7-0.

After the second quarter, 49 people play the ball Robs – Gold’s relaxed 54 yards and then take 3 points, 10-0. The second section started for 3 minutes, 49 people ran to Sirahm – Most from the attack on the beginning of the squad, with a total of 37 yards. After entering the wrapper red area, Lichim Moscouvet rushed into the end area, got up again, 17-0.

While 49 people attacked the city, the packaging workers’ offensive were the hands and hands. First, the quadrants of Alon Rogers mistaken, let 49 people easily have a chance of 27 yards. Playing the ball Rhobarbi-Gould reputation, 20-0. The long biography of the packaged worn four-point Wei Alon-Rogers was passed by 49 people.

49 people directly started from the package of 30 yards, 45 seconds before the end of the half, or running the Weratahim – Most rushing out 18 yards in the packaging worker red area, the third time gains up to, 27- 0.49 people completely copied the regular seasonal packages, the first half of the zero package worker.

After a break in half, the package is finally retrieved. After 6 minutes, the packaging workers quad-bonards the top of the widespread, and the Alon, Jones, who took the reach, 27-7. However, their defensive groups fell in the foundation of 49 people, and the game played outstanding running Werahm Most continued to impact the wadding line, and 4 minutes left in the third quarter. M – Most Fourth Take the ball to get up to the reach, 34-7.

After the start of the fourth quarter, the package will start to make a push, four points to Alon Rogers long-term connection, near-end GM-Glaham completed the 43 yards of the pass advancement, directly came to 49 people before 1 code. Subsequently, Run Alon, Jones, received the short pass of Alon Rogers, got up to the array, but the two points failed, won 6 points, 34-13.

10 minutes before the end of the competition, Alon Rogers took over the top of the number Date – Adams completed the 65-size long transmission line, and came directly to 49 people. The proximal pole Jess – Stendenburg gatched the ball, recovered again, 34-20. However, due to the pitting of the packaging indulge in the first half, the two reaches of the second half of the second half are unable to recover.

3 minutes before the end of the competition, 49 people hit 42 yards, the lock win, the score of 37-20 remained to the end of the game.

Player data

Packaging workers quartz Wei Alon Rogers 39 biography 31, 326 yards, 2 times, 2 times. Running Alon – Jones 12 times a running ball, 56 yards, 1 time to reach. External hand Taylor – Locket 9 times, 138 yards.

49 people quad 吉米 加 加罗波 洛 86, 77 yards, 2 times. Run Werahm – Moster 29 sports, 220 yards, 4 times. External handle Dihu – Samuel brought two times, 46 yards.