Running Wei Tayele can erone 5 to shine! Xiao Ma Dasheng Bill completed the external card

Jonathan – Taylor has become the top running guard of the alliance. He once again proved this in the 11th week of regular season. With the excellent performance, he not only let the Pony have returned to the competition ranks in the Menlian Season, but also let yourself enter the possible regular game MVP competition.

This game, Taylor completed the highest 32-time scorpion, promoted 185 yards, and became the 18th single game 5 times in the history of NFL, and pony was 41-15 victory. This season, the team will be 1 won, but in the last 6 games, they have won five games, let the team’s record exceeds 50% in this season.

”He is transferring information to the alliance,” Xiao Ma said another Run Niheim – Hayans said, ”Look at him is really great, I am very happy to see that he played such a wonderful game, let people misunderstood He. He is a comprehensive running guard. If some technical players can impact MVP, Taylor should be in it, and the external hand of the ram is very incredible. ”

The single 185 code shock made Taylor’s season’s scorpion code number to 1122 yards ranked first, surpassing Titan’s star running Guardrick – Henry, the latter is a few weeks ago because of the foot injury season, Taylor is very likely Become the League of the Season.

And the 5 times of the single game also made Taylor a player who completed this feat in the past 30 years. The last thing to do this is the Saint Alvin-Kamara, he was last season The field completed 6 times. Taylor is also the third young player in a single game, and he is also a 5th game player in the third game.

”You can feel his self-confidence,” Pony four points to Katson – Wenz said, ”But you never know if you will encounter him in a locker room, supermarket or else, he is a low-key person. He knows what he can do, and it is very confident. This game is really saying that there is no longer surprised me, because he can show the same outstanding strength every week. ”