Saint Saints? NFL official response: Viking people don’t have problems!

January 6 (Wen / ESPN MIKE Triplett Compile / Love) Regular Songs Strong Jinjin New Orleans Saints did not have the best in the country, ”Rogers vs Bris” is only available. Leave a rearrangement next season. However, all this is destroyed by Viking people in the overtime knot, coincident, this remember that, as the murder of the murder of the murder of the ram, it is full of controversy.

In the second year of consecutive, the sorrows of the saints have left a problem that should set the passing of the foul challenge. Of course, because this is a pass of the ball, the referee will inevitably go back. And they did not make a penalty for the saints of the saints. The NFL official believes that the 4 yards obtained in the Kyle Rudolph Kyle Rudolf (Kyle Rudolph), there is no adequate evidence to prove that he has effectively disturbed the corner PJ-Williams. (PJ Williams) defense.

”The two players have physical contact, but they have not met the extent of foul.” The senior vice president of NFL is responsible for the referee, Al Rivon, interprets the video control center in New York. ”This is consistent with our penalty for one year, and we also let the referee sustain the original judgment.”

The process of watching is so fast, so that some Saint players don’t realize that this goal has been revealed. For example, Saint-Defensive Did Solden Cameron Jordan said dissatisfaction.

”It doesn’t matter, we obviously won’t get the second judgment, the referee will go directly, they directly said that it is a time to reach it, and even go back to it.” Jordan said, ”is not all the reaches. See? Especially in the overtime, I believe that the alliance will respond after the game, maybe they will not. ”

Later, Jordan said in other interviews: ”until the last second, we all think that the referee will go back, this is a joke.”

When a reporter asked this decision, if it is ”sufficiently clear”, you can let go of the process so quickly, Rivondon said: ”Yes, the Fox Broadman is doing very well, they give us this offense All materials. So we are very satisfied with the part you see, we have not seen any elements that can overthrow this ruling. ”

In fact, this time did not have the obvious pass of the franchise in the final season, and the competition lost to the ram in the overtime game, missed the super bowl. chance. And that offense is so controversial, and has also led to the introduction of the rules of foul challenges in the season.

Similarly, there is no complaint between Saint Payton Pyton Payton. And he hinted to Weijing ”to win”.

When asked if it was explained from the referee, Pedon said: ”Listen, that’s not, really, I didn’t see any referee after the game, I saw the opponent’s coach Qi Mo, we talked for a while; When I arrived at the other party, I congratulated them, they did very well, they played a good game. ”

As a hero, Lu Dolph, also said that he didn’t think about being thrown by the roots after receiving the renovation of David. ”Silver didn’t.” Lu Dolph said, ”Cousins ??threw the ball on the sky, gave me a chance but took it, and my basketball can help me receive this ball, just this.”