San Francisco yesterday, today and the future interview with the San Francisco Giants players

”Team grass” Buster – Posey hit in the 30th game of the 4 dozen seats in the election to a 3-hitter walked, ending the first seven games batting slump is only 0.100. He said he would often make some adjustments, regardless of their own state will adjust to upgrade, then go for the game to prepare for.

Buster active in charity, and his wife founded Christa Basten and Buster – Posey Children’s Cancer Foundation recently hosted the 2019 show, thanks to the $ 700,000 donor contributions.

Buster – Posey will often go to the hospital to visit the child, or organize mini-game, a game for children to Oracle, do a live broadcast, or even kick-off. When asked whether he had asked his children to play home run, he smiled and said of course, but more often just play with them or take them to the stadium, you can make them very open, distract them so that they may not have to think about those treatments, and pain.

He felt very lucky to have the opportunity to help these children. Think of their children and other children will be looked at himself, he said he would strive to focus on every game.

Giants at Giants current coach Borg work more than 10 years, back to three championships, will retire after this season. Speaking Borg’s departure, Posey said his career years are the Borg guide him, he will miss the Borg.

”I Believe” – ??Stephen Vogt beginning of the season not know when they can have the results now, 0.278 batting average in more than one hundred seats dozen players ranked fourth, 0.856 of attack indicator, the team more than a hundred a dozen seats in the players ranked third. When playing as a pinch-hit attack index as high as 0.927.

Stephen told reporters early in the season when he does not know can not do from the shoulders of the catcher position, do not know what they missed because of injury after half a year of physical and mental game would react. But now he is very pleased with his physical condition and performance of their own this season.

If you ask as a campaign in the ninth year of major league veteran young players will have to say something:. ”The first is to never give up, regardless of injuries, low tide, or not on the field, in short, to keep trying to work hard in order to the next day rehabilitation Ye Hao, Ye Hao game. but also to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, because never know what results today they will play, or tomorrow is not got a phone to the big leagues. ”

”Shark” Jeff – Samar season Asia experienced injuries last season, this season the opening quarter comeback, three months before the race in 16 games 4.52 ERA, but from the beginning of July until the interview, this data is alarming 1.99, during this period the number of full major league innings pitched more than 50 innings pitcher, he ranked fourth.

This year already, 34, he can maintain such a good competitive level, coupled with the stunning performance Xia Banji, reporters had to throw a question, ”the middle of the strike zone”: ”Jeff, you usually have to eat what , to make you so strong. ”While this is a question for a joke, but considering he stood before reporters seem to be as high as a giant, in fact, with a little curiosity.

”Shark” Samar season Asian natural hear a joke meant here, but still felt that the answer to the (nonsense): ”Are you going to ask me what to eat ah, ah I usually junk food, sweets in chocolate also. there are a lot of beer, and a lot of cattle, a lot of wine, and a lot of bourbon, probably this combination (Note: this is a joke). of course, we need to do aerobic exercise, after all, I am getting old, so also made some changes last season injured my arm is not so strong a. offseason spent a lot of time to train, trying to get stronger, start to the season this year, in fact, still is recovering, but do a lot of small checks quiz, where to find trained to fight injury, and then to fix. to do this, the ball came up slowly to reach the ball game, the game more smoothly. ”

”D-rod” ”Star II” Drake – last season, Rodriguez has a very amazing performance 19 games starting ERA is only 2.81, but this season was as high as 5.49, is on-base percentage from 1.1 to 1.4. He said that this year is really quite hard, but is still expected, mainly some very hot last year, too.

Speaking adjustment measures, he explained that now the game has been quite different and before, there are many videos you can see, he usually watch the video to adjust themselves to study hitters themselves to face the day. But he also talked about the hitters will also look at the video to study his ball, he was still in the minor leagues before so not so much video, but this year is different. So here we are back and forth.

When a reporter asked his father, Hall of Famer I-rod, there is no give what he suggested when he said, there is no particular is playing, to come up with the number of innings. He said his father was 21 years of hard work of people in the big leagues, to understand life is up and down, there are peaks and troughs of. He said this season will come to see him play dad sometimes, but has not so much last year, may be actually more at ease on his Duoliaoyifen.

”Actor” Will – Smith (Note: Hollywood movie star and namesake) half of the season a total of 23 rescue, rescue failed not once, was selected as an All-Star. But after the All-Star Game has four rescue failed, but a rescue appearances recently, the successful three-up three times.

He said a long season, could not have been perfect, just where the falls where to stand up on the line, like a roller coaster. But we have to maintain a good attitude, to control their emotions, kept in a reasonable range. But also as a ”Terminator” He will try to clear the brain before the play, focused face batters.

In the game on August 11, he as a bearer (Note: The post-aid pitcher generally does not pay attention to the fight, the coach will change the game) First, stand in the fight, hit a hit, get a home, get a point, help The team got a lead.

At that time, Will laughed very quickly. After all, he hit the play with some hits, and the current career hit rate is 1.000. But when the reporter asked if there was anything to participate in the fighting exercise, he was still very modest to say that he or more ”tricks”.

San Francisco giants have a better blow performance in recent years, almost become a business card for San Francisco pitcher. ”Mad Stop” hits 18 hatelets, the second, the second, the retired Matt – Kane also hit 7 rounds of ranking tenth.

At the beginning of the season, from Toronto Bluebird Transactions to San Francisco Local ”Superman” Kevin Pilar, from 16 Toronto 16 to hold almost all basic strike data in San Francisco. Because there are many outstanding experiences, beautiful techniques are high, so there are also ”Super People”.

However, when the reporter asked him that he recently appeared at home at the Bear team, he said as a defensive player, no matter how good you have, or someone thinks how good you have excellent, and will eventually be an ordinary person, or will make mistakes.

Especially in unfamiliar courses, sunshine, sky will affect play. But the most important thing is to let this mistake affect your confidence, adjust your mindset to accept the mistakes you have, don’t affect the next opportunity to process the ball or the defense of the next game.

In the usual way to work hard to train yourself, if you go to the field, go to the field to practice the ball at the highest in the sun, and get used to cover the sun with your gloves in the spring training venue. There are many seagulls on the Oracle, Kevin Pilar said although they always fly, especially when the fans began to leave, they have not been affected.

He talked to the reporter that he came to the giant a huge change of a career. Kevin said that the giant needs him, you need to use his ability to help the team win. But he also said that he would not be a good high, but try to do itself, keep your own competitive level. (See Kevin Pilar, is that he is watching his eyes, very serious, for disturbing him, the reporter is actually very sorry)

”Ball Three Generations”, ”Coconut” Mike Yashemski just used a 4-day 2 to play, including the performance of a hair spring gun, ending the low tide of himself.

When the previous reporter asked if there is no adjustment in the low tide, Mike said that he did not do special adjustments, and trip these training contents. ”When you have the ability to do what you have already done in the season, you have to go back to the previous state.” Due to frequent performances in the game, there is no news in the game, without letting the reporter asked him. At the attitude of the attack and defense, Mike said that he spent a lot of energy practicing defense. The method goes to keep every ball.

When Mike asked the personal career goal, Mike said he tried to a footprint, better than the good day. Every day I am very grateful every day in the big alliance. He said that he will adjust his mentality every day, show your ability, sometimes it is not on the game, but it is also very happy to look at the teammate contest.

After the game, the reporter interviewed DuPont that had just been from the small alliance to the big alliance, and he completed many beautiful techniques and hit a play. He said that the preparation exercises before the game is very important. I usually spend a lot of hard work in critical training, which can accommodate this high difficulty is not accidental but training results.

At the same time, he also said that he as a new person, can learn a lot in the team, such as Brandon (two all-star, three gold gloves) is a very good teacher. I still have to see him and ”Kung Fu Panda” in the long talk, he said that Sandova is also a very good teacher, and two of them can become the World Competition. There is no reason.

Because of the small giant fans, he is very happy to play here, he wants to play for the giant forever. Although many teammates around me have the title of the World Competition, he said that he didn’t feel pressure, I only felt very much here.

It is important to face ligament replacement surgery, Pablo Sandovall, did not show any negative emotions, and there is still a smile on his face. And I don’t know if I haven’t played a long time for a long time. Instead, I exercise in the gravity room. It seems that people are still very slim, it may be true to be fat.

When the reporter asked if he worried about his own surgery and rehabilitation process, he said that he said that he said that although this operation and rehabilitation rushed to spend 8-12 months, he still want to continue playing. So it will be as possible with the rest and post-recovery during surgery.

He said lucky is that there are many TJ in the team (it is lucky or not lucky … ” It is also a suggestion of the winner’s Dixerson, because his experience may be more practical. ”Just like the Grand Valley?” ”Yes”.

When he was asked how to adjust the mentality of mentality, he said that he has also had surgery before, so it will not worry too much. Although ligament replacement is not a simple surgery, he said that the most important thing is to be strong, he will always believe that he can go back to the court. He does two hands can be picked up.

”Panda” played in the next day, and the audience was standing. He can’t pay the applause of the audience several times next to the strike zone. Although the inner wild rolling earth is going to go out, the audience is still the warm applause, after all, this may be that he is the last time of the giant player.