Seven Xiu Brown and the black panther signed 23.62 million fat about this year’s first signing first round show

May 9th (Wen / ESPN David Newton Compilation / White) Matt Ruer Era’s first first round show has been officially signed, according to the broker Dru Roshaus, revealed to ESPN, Carolina Black Panther With his customers, before the Auben University defensive, Derrick Brown, signed the contract. It is reported that the black panther has a four-year contract with their first round show for four years and worth a $ 23.62 million contract. With this contract, Brown, the seventh time in the 2020 election, has become the first round show that the contract is signed this year, which means that the resort period has been signed officially.

I still remember the original draft conference, the black panther chose Brown, not the all-round line of the Clemsen University, Wei Isetia Thomas, which is slightly unexpected. The Black Panther thinks this height is 6 feet 5 inches, and the weight of 326 pounds of weight can quickly play the role after entering the professional stadium, that is, the fighting power is stronger. In addition, Brown’s arrival can also affect the professional bowl defensive cut-off Tan – Schott, the latter has been injured in the next season, has been inhau, and the two will fight side by side this season.

”It is obvious that we have also hesitated.” Marti Herni, General Manager, talked about why she would choose Brown without choosing Simmons, ”We believe that we must start building from the defensive frontline, Drek Not only can Schott and other players, he can also help the back of the line guard. His body is very high, the power is very powerful, the first step is very fast, and he is still a three-speed player. Very obvious, he Can assist us to complete the anti-run, can weigh the fence inside the defensive front line. ”

The Black Panther chose the best defensive cut Brown this year, choosing him as a deposit savings in the bank, very insurance, he is a very low limit, it is almost impossible to be paid. Brown has a very good performance during the Auben University, and there is a monument. Last year Brown has the first round of the best, he chose to fight again. The black panther commentary defenders lost seriously, Brown’s arrival has strengthened its war, but also guaranteed the future.

”We have a conversation after the show, I didn’t expect, he didn’t expect that he could go to the seventh time.” Join the black panther to China, it means that it is necessary to face Tom Braddy twice a year. (Tampa Bay Pirate) and Dru-Bris (New Orleans Saint) Two elites of four-point guard, and Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcon) The most valuable team of regular semi-finals, quasi-elite four Defense. In the first year, the head of the Black Panther’s head coach is the view, and Brown can be more secure in the defensive end, strengthen the team’s anti-run.

”Now the competition in the alliance is so fierce, what we have to do is to keep the players to keep healthy, with a sufficient lineup depth. There are some internal players, they can really threaten the opposite sanitary.” Ruer said: ” The other three quarters of the country in Guohuan District are very material. When we see Delik is still in the pool, I know that we must choose him. ”

Brown’s arrival has set off a defensive wave of Carolina. They put all the seven selection show in the defensive group in the election conference. This is the first time in the history of NFL. There is a team to make all the drafts. All ALL. In defensive group. At present, Phil-Snow is the new defensive coordinator of the Black Panther. He worked with Ruhl during his tenure in Beller University and Tianpu University.