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  In order to enrich the classmates of the students, further promote sports activities, improve the comprehensive quality of our students, enhance team spirit and class cohesiveness, 9-in October, the school launched the first three basketball games and 2021 table tennis games, And came off at recent days.

  1, wonderful moments

  During the game, on the school’s basketball court filled with a smart color picture, an exciting shout, a fashionable figure, a victory smile, tall jump, fast run, pretty Step, perfect, beautiful shooting, bravely grabbing the ball, posing an exciting picture.







  On a small table tennis table, the players present a scene called the competitive scene. The students on the field, you compete for me, on the side, the side, the side, the anti-pull, deduct, all kinds of attack and defense movements continue to change, from the shot hit the ball to the receiving, the action is a good, the clouds, white table tennis On the stool, it is high and low, and the jump is jumped.







  2, the result of the game


  Three basketball game winners class

  (Men Group)

  First 21 Spring Robot High Technology

  Second place 20 spring e-commerce class

  Third place 21 computer high school class

  (Women’s Group)

  First 21 Anime High Technology

  Second place 21 spring teachers 1 class

  Third place 21 spring teachers 2 classes

  Table Tennis Competition

  (Men Group)

  First Tang Long

  Second place

  Third place Li Binpeng

  (Women’s Group)

  First place Wu Junlin

  Second, Lin Jialing

  Third place Zhou Xiao Co

  3, awards scene


  ▲ Deputy Director Wang Tao announced a winning list


  ▲ School leaders awarded the winners


  ▲ Three basketball game winners


  ▲ Table Tennis Competition https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comWinners

  The basketball game and the table tennis competition have been wonderful, and all the team representative players enjoy the passion of sports. Every game is very fierce, fully demonstrates the ”united and enterprising, struggle” Baoshan spirit. At the same time, I also reappeared the spirit of Baoshan students, and I highlighted the huge charm of basketball and table tennis, and painted a satisfactory number for this basketball game and table tennis.

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