Silver, big money! Training of 4 games winning the West 6th! Lillad 13 voted 25 points comprehensive recovery

On November 24th, Beijing time, Portland’s pioneers moved to the battlefield. The two teams were 9 wins and 8 losses. About Kiki continued to be absent. Unfortunately, another major rotation of Nuggets, Dorel, the left knees were severely sprained when they landed in the first quarter, and finally lifted out the court withdraw from the game.

The difference between the two teams of lineup is large, and the trailers have no opportunities, and 14 points have been received in the first half. Double gun Today shoots hot hot, Lillad half-field 9 in 6 three points 6, 4 get 18 points, McCaleum 10 8 efficiently won 19 points, two people hacked 37 points and new high this season.

Although the Nuggets narrow the difference in the third quarter, the Pioneer has not given the opportunity to reverse
the opponent, and always maintains the leading advantages of the two digits. In the end, Bimpus replaced the main force in advance, and the trailer was 119 more than 100 big winning gold, and the four consecutive victories were also gave to Denver 5.

The best players have just been won the best players before Lillad, today’s brother continues, only 31 minutes, the game is only 31 minutes, 5 cuts 25 points 5 assists only 1 turnovers, performance is perfect . McCaleum 19333 935 sent 32 points, Powell contributed 15 points 3 assists 3 to steal a comprehensive data of 1 cap.

It is worth mentioning that after harvesting this wave of 4 games, the trainee of the Blazers does not know that it is 10 wins and 8 losses, and the Grizzlies have come to the sixth place in the west. Considering that this team replaced the coach during the offset season, the lineup also had a certain change, especially the primary status of the Lillady season was very downturn, so the pioneers can now get such a score or quite unexpected.