Simonny: Don’t shake hands because you don’t like hypocritical Klop, it has always been very good.

Live Bar November 3rd News Majun coach latest news delhi aaj tak in hindi Simonny accepts reporters interview, where he responded to today evening news in hindi the last time with Liverpool’s handshakes.

Simoni: ”I explained after last game, I reiterated this time. I don’t like the handshake after the game, each coach’s feelings www breaking news in hindi com are different.”

”I understand that in England, this is considered a gentleman’s approach, but I don’t look at it, because I don’t like hypocrisy.”

”I don’t know Klop, I can’t discuss news in brief today this person, but he has always been outstanding. all india khabar I usually not talk about the coach of the opponent, this is a consensus among the coach, we must respect it as a this point.”