Six consecutive years of rising NFL new season salary cap rose to 188 million

NFL’s salary cap is up again! According to the report of Ian Latport within the NFL network, NFL official recognizes that the upper limit of the 2019 team wage wage cap is 188.2 billion US dollars. The 2018 wage cap is $ 1.77.2 billion, NFL network well-known reporter Tom-Perisero supplements, due to the continued growth of the alliance income, this is already at least $ 10 million for the sixth year of salary caps.

The confirmation of 188.2 billion this figure is the result of negotiations from the NFL Alliance and the Players Association, which is mainly hooked with the league income. This does not include welfare fees, and a source said that this year’s welfare costs are approximately $ 40.5 million, this fund is used to pay the retired player’s pension, medical protection costs, injury protection costs, and performance salary. . Plus this expenditure, the total amount of players in each team will be around $ 228.7 billion.

In 2019, a ”Senior Performance Salary” category has been added to performance remuneration, only for players who have excellent performance with one or more season contributions. The total number of performance wages for each team is approximately $ 7.2 million, and the sources said that $ 2.6 million will be used for new ”old performance salary” allocation, that is, the team awards are superior to the foregoing player . For example, some old will run a few million contracts, but run out the data of the top five in the league, and he has the opportunity to get this performance reward, and the rookie is not the opportunity to get this money’s.

However, is it possible to pay the player’s salary for a team with a low salary? But in fact, it’s not. The 2011 labor agreement stipulates two four-year window period. During this period, the team must pay at least 89% of wage costs with cash; any team that does not meet this expenditure at the end of the four-year term The player who must be paid during this period to compensate the difference in cash. So not to say that a group of rookies can save a lot of money, the salary of the team payment is a minimum quota.

According to the statistics of the NFL player association, there are currently 4 teams paying the total amount of salaries below the salary cap. They are Darlas Denim, Buffalo Bell, Indianapolis Pilot and Houston Texas. So if the four teams have any huge contract contracts or the introduction of heavy players, please don’t be surprised, because this money can’t save, with it to the player, it is better to renew or attract it. .

However, the labor agreement in 2011 will expire 2020, alliances and players will have no substantive discussions on the new agreement.